Our Files

Our files:
Our files provided here at freeware.tools, have been scanned by 50 different scan engines prior to any contributions taking place. We take the utmost in care, to provide virus-free downloads with 7 alternate download links for your convenience.

Freeware Tools:
As our domain name implies, all tools and files are 'freeware', meaning each and every file is available to use free of any costs. In terms of the functionality of the files, there are no restrictions nor is there any need to activate the file(s).

A lot of websites claim to be freeware, however upon downloading their software, there are third-party components included during the installation process, whereby it offers to download and install additional software. This is not the case with us. We provide purely 'freeware' tools, meaning everything you download from our site, is not packaged with any surprises. What you see is what you get.

Although our files are free for personal use and are available for use at no monetary cost, some files may have restrictions such as redistribution prohibited. In such cases, we recommend reading the EULA of the installed software.

No Modifications:
Freeware.tools has not altered or tampered with the originality of any file that's available for download here. All files are intact as per the developer's release, with no serials, cracks or any other method used to modify a given file.

No installers:
There are no installers nor any survey or link re-directions, thus you will experience a direct download without any further intervention. We are not about making money via surveys, URL shortener services or ads, which in turn may have a negative impact on your overall navigation around the site.

Checksum hash:
Each and every file contributed here at freeware.tools, has been provided with a checksum hash, to verify that the contents of the given file has not been tampered with. The checksum can then be compared with the original vendor, thus verifying it's authenticity.

File testing:
If you're sceptical in executing a given file on your PC, for whatever reason it may be, we recommend using either Sandboxie or a Virtual Machine. Both of which run the file in it's own isolated environment, thereby keeping your main OS in it's original state.

Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the above documentation, please use the Contact Form and we will endeavor to reply at our very earliest convenience.