SterJo Edge Passwords Portable 1.3

Recover lost account credentials stored by Microsoft Edge and extract them easily, with this simple-to-use and portable application. Microsoft Edge enables you to save credentials for various accounts when you are browsing, making it a lot easier to log in during future sessions. SterJo Edge Passwords Portable is a nifty application that takes advantage of this feature, as it can help you recover lost usernames and passwords from the popular browser. One of the best things about SterJo Edge Passwords Portable is that no user input is required after you launch the application, as it finds and displays your Edge account details automatically.

Moreover, the program also lets you know which web page each set of credentials is for, so you should have no problems finding the passwords you need.

Once the information has been extracted, you can copy the URLs, usernames or passwords to the clipboard, as well as grab all of them at once.
Small, portable password recovery tool

SterJo Edge Passwords Portable does not need to be installed on the host machine, so you can launch it as soon as it is unpacked without having to go through a lengthy setup procedure.

Because of its small file size, the utility can be carried on a USB drive easily and deployed on any computer where Microsoft Edge is available.
Lightweight program that has many uses

While SterJo Edge Passwords Portable is primarily designed to help you recover lost login credentials, it can also be useful in other scenarios.

For instance, if you wish to install a password manager or switch to a new one, a complete list of all your usernames and passkeys can come in very handy.

On the whole, SterJo Edge Passwords Portable is a straightforward utility designed to perform a simple job, which it does without reproach. It is a great tool for users who need to recover their account details, as it can extract this information from Microsoft Edge and put it at your disposal instantly.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.12 MB

SHA256: 8c6d1bc32db880fb680499a78f50d722aca698b08bd54004d2579399420d973b

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