Spencer 1.22

An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that allows you to access all the items that were typically accessible within the Start Menu of XP. Windows XP has been a highly popular operating system that is still used worldwide, even though Microsoft no longer provides support for it. Since many users are having a hard time upgrading to another OS mainly because they are used to the functions of XP, some developers decided to integrate some XP features within their own third-party apps that can be run on newer editions of Windows.

For example, Spencer provides users with the familiar Start Menu of Windows XP, while still being completely compatible with the latest Windows flavors.

The application is entirely portable and does not require any installation, so no entries will be added to Windows Registry. Furthermore, users can copy its executable to a folder of their liking, then pin it to the taskbar and run it smoothly.

Since it is simply a pinned app, Spencer does not interfere with the Start menu included within Windows 8.1, as they can function alongside without any issues.

Spencer basically provides users with access to some common areas of Windows such as Accessories, so one can easily launch the Calculator, Notepad, the Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes, WordPad, XPS Viewer.

The Administrative Tools are also within reach, as users can access the Event Viewer, The Defragmenter, iSCSI Initiator, Services, Resource Monitor, System Information or the Task Scheduler.

Due to Spencer, one can also launch the Control Panel and the Command Prompt window, as well as the Run function. Additionally, the Shutdown item enables users to quickly power off their PC, without looking for the proper Windows menu.

All in all, Spencer can provide users with a reliable Start Menu that resembles the XP one - it can be of use not only to nostalgics, but also to those are still having a hard time getting used to the functions of the latest operating systems.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 971 KB

SHA256: 09a6591960ec2e6a0e112a898ad64831d51f4277f3a0a6869ae7c5ec0fbe29eb

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