EHILLE Crescent Visibility 19.05.20

A simple and fun utility functioning as a desktop screensaver that is able to render the position of the cresecent over a map of the Earth. EHILLE Crescent Visibility is a lightweight piece of software designed as a screensaver that is meant to trace the visibility of the moon on the map of the world, using the Alperen criteria. The application is fairly simple to work with, but it features a slightly different installation process. If you double click the file, EHILLE Crescent Visibility enables you to preview its functions, but in order to install it on your computer, you will need to right click it and select the 'Install' option.

Additionally, the screensaver also lets you adjust several configuration preferences, namely the 'Start Date', which can either be 'Today' – the date on your system, or it can be any day of the year that you want.

Similarly, you can input the 'Probability' level, along with the 'Sight Height' (which influences the effect of the elevetion), the 'Dwell' (the duration in seconds for which the tool is supposed to wait after drawing the visibility of the crescent before repeating the process for the upcoming month) and the 'Speed' (slowest being at one minute per second).

EHILLE Crescent Visibility is a portable utility, meaning that it will create no INI files in your system's registry and it can be deleted simply by removing it from your PC. Additionally, it can be placed on any portable media storage device, such as USB sticks or memory cards and run on any machine you want.

To conclude, EHILLE Crescent Visibility is an interesting screensaver that allows you to quickly discover the visibility of the moon on Earth's map, while also decorating your desktop and preventing others from looking at your screen when you are away from your computer.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 35.2 KB

SHA256: 0aa5ab15eda2063c5308f3c6be75624d4df43a6b5b45c2fed8d562bee214717e

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