Portable Mp3tag 2.97

Powerful tag editor for various music files, enabling users to change the metadata information of their tracks in batch mode by syncing content with online databases. If you have a really large music collection, you sure know how important it really is to keep everything organized, no matter if we're thinking about the audio files as such or the tags that carry vital information about the music tracks. In case you still struggle to work with those sound labels, it's probably high time to give Mp3tag a shot. Just like its name suggests, this is a software solution designed to assist you in your efforts to organize your music collection, so editing tags and filenames is its main purpose.

Extension Builder 6.3.0

Create your own custom extensions for WYSIWYG Web Builder with the help of this additional utility that offers live HTML rendering for ease of use. Users who are involved in website creation might have difficulties when trying to easily define their own website builder extensions. Extension Builder was created as an additional tool for the popular WYSIWYG Web Builder, in order to help users create their own extensions, without the need for external programming tools. It will allow them to create custom extensions, with various contents and save these extensions to individual WBX format files, for easy use within the WYSIWYG Builder’s toolbox.

TagEZ Portable

Sort your album photographs intelligently using this application that can rename files based on tags and EXIF information as well as send emails automatically. TagEZ Portable is a lightweight application designed to sort poorly organized photographs, in order to help you find pictures easier. It's wrapped in an intuitive interface and lists only three steps that you need to follow in order to accomplish the task quickly. It's not necessary to set up this tool since you can unpack the downloaded archive and reach the main window by just double-clicking the .exe. However, make sure that .NET Framework is enabled on your PC or it won't work properly.

QuickTextPaste 5.66

Quick paste text is a small portable program that allows you to insert (paste) quickly pre-defined text in any Windows applications via keyboard shortcut. This program also allows you to run commands and programs via keyboard shortcut. Save time and spelling errors with this small Desktop Tool for Windows. Quick paste text does not require installation, can easily be launched from the desktop with no installation and is ready to use on all Windows operating systems. In other words, this is a tool that allows you to create easy to remember hotkeys that can help you save time and avoid spelling errors by using this lightweight desktop application.

Farbar Recovery Scan Tool 31.07.2019.0

Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, or FRST, is a portable application designed to diagnose malware issues. It is also possible to run FRST in the Windows Recovery Environment in order to diagnose and fix boot issues. Farbar Recovery Scan Tool quickly scans and then displays detailed information about the Windows Registry loading points, services, driver services, Netsvcs entries, known DLLs, drives, and partition specifications. It will also list some important system files that could be patched by malware. The report provided is automatically saved as FRST.txt in the same directory as the original download for easy access.

ThisIsMyFile 3.01

Easily unlock or delete locked or protected files, and forcefully stop processes that keep a file in use so you can move or copy it freely. When a file is in use or opened in Windows, it cannot be deleted, replaced or moved. Therefore, you first have to search for the program that is using it and stop the process. ThisIsMyFile is an application that displays all the locked or protected files, allowing you to unlock them with a few clicks. Thanks to the simplistic layout and the simple options, working with ThisIsMyFile should be easy.

Portable Decimal Basic

It provides an environment for BASIC programming language. The program comes packed with three syntax types that you can choose from - Standard (ISO Full BASIC), Minimal BASIC compatible and Microsoft BASIC compatible. Portable Decimal Basic is a software app which provides you with a working environment for the BASIC programming language. As the name implies, the tool is portable. Since installation is not required, you can store Portable Decimal Basic on a USB flash drive or other storage device, save it to any computer and directly run its executable file. Therefore, you can place the tool in your pocket and always have it with you whenever you're on the go.

EHILLE Crescent Visibility 19.05.20

A simple and fun utility functioning as a desktop screensaver that is able to render the position of the cresecent over a map of the Earth. EHILLE Crescent Visibility is a lightweight piece of software designed as a screensaver that is meant to trace the visibility of the moon on the map of the world, using the Alperen criteria. The application is fairly simple to work with, but it features a slightly different installation process. If you double click the file, EHILLE Crescent Visibility enables you to preview its functions, but in order to install it on your computer, you will need to right click it and select the 'Install' option.

NetTraffic Portable 1.66.1

Monitors the outgoing and the incoming network traffic on your computer, displaying statistical information that can be exported. Among many other tasks, network administrators have to make sure that the data traffic that goes through the network does not cause clutters. In other words, they need a reliable traffic monitoring application that can provide statistical information about the sent and received packets and offer insight on what might have caused bottlenecks at some point. One such application is NetTraffic Portable. Designed as the install-free edition of NetTraffic, this application helps users keep an eye on the network bandwidth and monitor the transfer speed.

PrgLnch 1.1.3

Launch programs or games in various resolutions, on specific monitors, as part of batch sequences, with this lightweight utility. PrgLnch is a useful piece of software that enables you to launch games or programs in batch sequences, in various resolutions, on specific monitors. It is particularly helpful when dealing with older games that have limited resolution options, as well as applications that need to be run on multi-monitor configurations. You will notice right away that the application features a simplistic user interface, which is intended to use up a limited amount of resources and remain stable as programs are launched using various settings.


atomiccleaner3 will assist in the removal of junk files left on your hard drive(s). This cleaner is a very user-friendly tool that will quickly scan for installed web browsers, games or programs as well as Windows directory items such as logs, cache files, and temporary data. If you want to fine-tune the scan you can easily add new locations to the list. Once atomiccleaner3 has finished scanning you are provided with a summary breakdown of what it found in either of the two default scan location choices, from there you can view the files that the scan encountered. If you are satisfied, you may then run a full clean.

Alternate Archiver 3.930

Alternate Archiver integrates itself into the Send To menu of the windows explorer, so it is easy to send files from there into this application. Additionally you can simple drop files and folders into this program. Within one step you can rename files referring to different options, archive files in a sorted folder matrix, send files to different persons, you can select which persons gets which file as attachment and do not have to create all the mails individually. Simply stated, it's a tool that features filters, bulk renaming, archiving, shredding, cleanup, synchronization, log details, and more. It's suited to professionals and novices alike.

Screen To Gif Portable 2.23.1

Capture your screen activity to create educational or funny GIF animations and share them with your friends using this intuitive and portable tool. Made as a no-install version of Screen To Gif, Screen To Gif Portable is a tool that can record desktop activity to create GIF animations. It sports a wide range of useful options. Besides making GIFs, it can also produce common video files or a series of still photos from the captured frames. Plus, the utility puts many useful editing options at your disposal, which makes it ideal for creating YouTube tutorials or digital presentations, for example.

EF Commander Free 20.04

A lightweight and incredibly easy to use application that enables you to manage your files thoroughly and a little better than using conventional methods. EF Commander Free is a multi-featured, complex, yet easy-to-use file manager aimed at all user categories in the audience. Even though this is the basic version of the EF Commander, it still manages to meet the most common requirements in the file management category. If you’re familiar with Total Commander or similar products, EF Commander Free is no challenge for you.

Portable QTranslate 6.7.5

Use different translation services to translate your text into any language in the world and improve your pronunciation skills by listening to the text as it is read out loud. If you’re not a native English speaker or often work with foreign languages, then a little help could come in handy. Portable QTranslate is a small utility that can be of great help. The program has a simple interface that should be quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout. Thus, whenever you want to know what a certain phrase means, you can use one of the available services, such as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Prompt, Babylon, SDL or Yandex.

Monkey's Audio 5.33

Compress .wav tracks into .ape files to reduce their size without losing sound quality, decompress .ape, convert files, check file integrity and manage tags. Designed for .wav tracks only, Monkey's Audio is a lightweight and powerful application that can compress files into .ape format to reduce the space they occupy on the disk while attempting to preserve the original sound quality. It features multiple levels of speed and offers support for batch processing. After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are greeted by an outdated interface that doesn't put emphasis on looks, yet it's easy to navigate and lets you immediately dive into the configuration procedure.

ZHPDiag 2020.1.30

Connecting a corrupted Flash stick, accessing a website that includes a Trojan or a rogue or downloading malware from email attachments, are just a few examples of how your computer can get infected. ZHPDiag is a software that allows to perform quick and complete operating system diagnosis. It scrutinizes the Base of registers and lists the sensitive areas that are likely to be pirated. It is based on a whitelist by module system that allows for shorter reports. It detects a large number of malware. It serves as monitor for the most common infections. At the end of report, a list of detection returns to profiles of the malware. No installation id required to use this tool.

Spencer 1.22

An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that allows you to access all the items that were typically accessible within the Start Menu of XP. Windows XP has been a highly popular operating system that is still used worldwide, even though Microsoft no longer provides support for it. Since many users are having a hard time upgrading to another OS mainly because they are used to the functions of XP, some developers decided to integrate some XP features within their own third-party apps that can be run on newer editions of Windows.

7-Zip 19.00 Portable

An intuitive application with a very good compression ratio that can help you not only create and extract archives, but also test them for errors. There was a time when computer applications were few and a specific tool was used for each task one wanted to perform, such as image viewing, archiving files or converting videos. Nowadays, however, the market has a lot more alternatives for each area, and when it comes to archives, 7-Zip is definitely an app worth taking into consideration. This is the portable version of the well-known compression tool, 7-Zip. Since it doesn't need to be installed, Portable 7-Zip will not make any changes to your Windows registry entries and you can store it on any external device to run it on any computer.

Alternate Font Export 1.750

Export individual characters from fonts installed on your computer to multiple image formats, with this straightforward application. Alternate Font Export is a lightweight tool for exporting font characters as individual pictures to GIF, JPG, and BMP. It operates in a very easy-to-use manner and provides you with the ability to modify the style, size and color of specific symbols with a quick change selection process. With Alternate Font Export you have the added option of also changing up the transparency of image backgrounds depending on your needs. You can select from a list of fonts installed on your system and even define the size. Included translations.

Wise Auto Shutdown Portable 1.77

Set your PC to automatically turn off, restart, log off the current user, turn the power off with just a few clicks using this portable application. Portable Wise Auto Shutdown provides you with a convenient software solution dedicated to help computer users schedule actions related to the power management of the system. It aims to automate some of the repetitive tasks that you have to perform daily, thus saving you time. There are a large amount of similar utilities created with the same purpose, but Portable Wise Auto Shutdown impresses through simplicity and accessibility

TCP Port Forwarding 1.1.5

Capture and redirect network traffic, and get information about the address and port of the client, status, as well as connection time. TCP Port Forwarding is a small software application developed specifically for helping you capture and redirect TCP traffic that goes through a particular port. You may also make use of the program’s capabilities in order to create a network bride for redirecting TCP network traffic from a network card to another one. You can install it on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Diskovery 0.9.10

Gathers information about physical drives, hardware RAID, partitions and logical volumes, including the SMART parameters of your hard disk. Being aware of your hard drive's health status is important since parameters that exceed normal limits might be a sign of a malfunction and even failure. Designed as a companion application for Bvckup, Diskovery retrieves relevant information about your hard drives, providing a valuable insight of their operational status and storage capacity.

ArsClip 5.30

ArsClip is a clipboard and snippet manager that automatically keeps track of items that are copied to the Windows clipboard. You can press a configurable hotkey and a small popup menu will appear, allowing you to select an item and quickly paste it into a program or document. There is no additional window to launch or button to press. You can specify the number of items that should be remembered, as well as a set of permanent entries, allowing you quick access to frequently used text snippets. Great for form filling and canned email replies. In other words, this tool can monitor the clipboard, store all the copied text entries, browse the clipboard history and more.

NetTraffic 1.65.1

NetTraffic is a network data rate monitoring tool. NetTraffic shows data rates on a chart and as text labels. The application logs traffic and system uptime. Statistics module presents prognosis, average rates and information about the current state. Tables and charts present statistical information from selected period (available: year, month, day, hour). NetTraffic is a lightweight program for plotting all data sent and received via your TCP/IP Network adaptors in real-time. It will actively monitor network traffic (bandwidth) on selected interfaces and displays all information on an easy-to-read graph that contains statistical usage data.

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.77

Automatically shutdown your computer or schedule it to reboot, log off or enter the sleep state after a specific time interval you set. Having the goal to schedule automatic PC power options, such as shutdown, restart, log off and hibernation, Wise Auto Shutdown is one of the most intuitive applications you'll find for performing this kind of task. It provides you with several scheduling options to tinker with. Installing Wise Auto Shutdown is a fast and simple task that doesn't require your attention, thanks to the fact that it's ad-free. Once finished, you are greeted by a comfortable and easy-to-navigate interface.

ESET Uninstaller

Command-line application that attempts to safely remove all ESET products from your computer rapidly, using low system resources. ESET Uninstaller is a command-line utility with a pretty self-explanatory name: it enables you to remove all installed components of ESET products using just a few clicks. Although it is very simple to handle since it requires minimal user intervention, you should be careful because you can end up damaging critical areas of the system. While most programs come with graphical interfaces that allow users to carry out a task in an interactive manner, command-line applications are known to do a fast job while remaining light on the system resources.