CpuFrequenz 2.51

Reveal the true power of your CPU by running custom tests to get accurate results with four digits for each core with this powerful tool. Every computer on sale is equipped with a details tag which at least briefly describes hardware components and potential. However, this label is far from providing the right accuracy when it comes to resources, and it’s all up to benchmarking utilities like CpuFrequenz to test, and provide accurate values, in this case for the CPU. The application keeps you busy for a little time from start to end. With only a couple of drop-down fields to configure, the initial setup takes no longer than a few seconds.

With a configurable value of up 950 in milliseconds, the process life is one of the two options at your disposal. Next up comes the number of loops to go through, with only four items at your disposal. Results are displayed shortly after the test is initiated, and it’s best to cease all other activities.

There’s no prompt to let you know the test is over, but then again, the initiation button is grayed out during testing, becoming available when done.

What’s more, MHz of each core are shown in separate cells, each value with four digits to provide the accuracy you need. However, saving needs to be done after each test process by manually writing down values, because of the lack of any export options.

All in all, CpuFrequenz isn’t quite the benchmarking utility you’re hoping to work with, but if you do need accurate numbers on the potential of your CPU, it can provide the result in a matter of seconds.

The variety of configuration options isn’t abundant, and even though there are no save options, it’s worth a try, at least for the degree of accuracy.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 124 KB

SHA256: 58fec542c02a2da6c23a8230b152d7c193da9bc03ae201ffc4ffa9d4a32f37f0

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