Portable SterJo FileZilla Decryptor 1.3

Quickly recover the full set of authentication credentials for your FileZilla account, in case you lost or forgot them, with this simple tool. Portable SterJo FileZilla Decryptor is a suitable solution for cases when you cannot login to your FileZilla account due to username/password mismatch. The program can easily retrieve the saved passwords and allows you to regain access to your FTP account. It can also reveal usernames and hosts. Portable SterJo FileZilla Decryptor works with certain versions of the FTP desktop client, which feature specific methods for storing and encrypting the passwords. It can easily identify the location of the storage files, decrypt them and recover the information.

The program does not allow you to manually indicate the location of the password storage files, it automatically searches for the default folders. Therefore, it only works with the installer version of FileZilla.

Moreover, it can display all the saved usernames/passwords, and allows you to copy the desired piece of information to the clipboard.

Portable SterJo FileZilla Decryptor can display the name of the host, the username, password and name of the connection in its interface. The information can easily be separated and exported to the clipboard, by selecting the desired option from the context menu.

Alternatively, the same options can be accessed from the buttons in the toolbar. Simply select the required entry and copy the host, the username, the password or the entire set.

The program is user-friendly, features a simple interface and does not require installation. Therefore, you can run it from any location, including from a USB drive.

Portable SterJo FileZilla Decryptor can come in handy in case you have lost the username or password that authenticate you to the corresponding FTP account. The application is straightforward, easy to use and allows you to copy the entire data set or just the required section.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 579 KB

SHA256: 6140df066b8f1c99a5b1e13f073a898a0843fb2c6dfd86a06ba4b5bb72e6a4e9

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