Zero Install 2.17

A reliable distributing and packaging app that allows you to run a single software package on multiple operating systems, while offering support for shared libraries, automatic updates and digital signatures. Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution application that helps you run a single software package on multiple operating systems and distributions without repackaging for each platform. It offers support for shared libraries, sharing capabilities between users, and integration with native platform package managers. The utility integrates both binary and source packages, and works on Linux, Mac OS X, as well as Unix and Windows systems.

Zero Install helps you bypass the normal method of downloading a software package, extracting its content to your system, and installing it, by allowing you to simply run it on your computer.

This distributing and packaging software brings some benefits to the table: it is cross-platform and packages can be installed without requiring administrator access. Plus, you can install multiple versions of a package in parallel, as each package is stored to its own directory. This particular feature makes it ideal for sandboxing technology and virtualization.

When run for the first time, Zero Install displays a short introduction video that offers you details about the main features of the utility. You can also check out the online help manual for comprehensive information about the dedicated parameters.

The multi-tabbed layout enables you to switch between two important functions: My applications and Catalogue. The first tab allows you to browse throughout the entire collection of tools; while the second lets you manage your favorite applications.

Zero Install gives you the possibility to perform search operations in the catalogue, run and update the selected tool, choose the desired version, view additional information about each utility via online resources, as well as add the current program to your list with favorite apps.

What’s more, you can refresh the current list with just one click and get more applications by adding user-defined URLs of a website (called feed), address of a catalogue (a collection of feeds), or create a new feed.

When it comes to generating a new feed (XML metadata format that describes the packages and the dependencies between them and can be used on multiple platforms: Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X) you can activate the advanced mode for creating a blank feed to be filled manually, use the wizard to build up a feed for an application with the aid of the step-by-step approach, or open an existing feed.

What’s more, you can make use of cache management parameters, choose between different updating modes, such as full (always download best version), minimal (only download when absolutely necessary), or offline (do not download anything), pick a directory as an implementation cache, and automatically approve new keys (if known by the key server).

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.01 MB

SHA256: 36860a40fb60b3112973f0c39c19fcd83fd802b6101ae77ad197eeea988449b2

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