PopMenu 2.7

A program launcher that can be used to open executable files you use on a daily basis via a simple menu, which opens when a hotkey is pressed. Launchers are meant to improve working efficiency by allowing quicker access to applications and files you frequently use. Having the same purpose, PopMenu can help you easily run programs installed on your computer by creating a custom menu with configurable content. Like many other applications in its category, PopMenu runs in the system tray only, without interfering with your work. To use it, you have to take the time to configure the menu items and their parameters via the 'Settings' window. Alternatively, if you previously used PopMenu and you have a configuration file at hand, you can import it with ease.

PopMenu enables you to build your own custom menu that will be displayed on the desktop each time you press a hotkey, also of your choice. There is no limit to the number of entries a menu can include, and the item order can be easily modified.

PopMenu enables you to enter a representative name for each menu item and associate it any icon you want so that you can instantly identify it. It is possible to open any executable file and run Windows commands in the command prompt but, unfortunately, you cannot launch any file with this application. For instance, it does not support images, videos or documents, which is a major drawback.

Each command or program can be launched using additional parameters, in a specific working directory. The window can be configured to open either in normal, maximized or minimized mode.

PopMenu serves as a handy app launcher, but there are other similar applications out there that offer so much more. The configuration is not difficult but without being able to create shortcuts for frequently used folders or open any type of file using other Windows apps, PopMenu might not be the productivity tool users expect it to be.

Nevertheless, the idea behind PopMenu is good, but it needs extensive improvements. With further work to improve its functionality, PopMenu could become much more sought after by users.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 561 KB

SHA256: a2c2ec07b5666e5b87f29dea38609bb3192c4cb75d79c18253aee8894981009d

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