AutoText 7.2

A lightweight, yet reliable application that enhances the basic functionality to your built-in clipboard by storing several text clips. When handling documents, a reliable auto-fill or clipboard application comes in handy, because the clipboard utility provided by your operating system can only store the last clip you saved. Besides, you need to be able to insert customized text on the spot, such as watermarks or logos, in order to avoid manually writing them every time you create a document. Fortunately, some software solutions, such as AutoText, can help you enhance the basic functionality of your built-in clipboard, by allowing you to create and save text templates, that can be inserted anytime into your documents.

The application runs in System Tray and it helps you store a certain number text clips, that can be used anytime on other documents. In addition, you can create custom text templates, which can be inserted anytime in your text fields, allowing you to automate certain processes.

Another handy feature of the program allows you to automatically insert time, date, name or duplicate stamps to your text templates. By doing so, you do not have to check and write these variables every time you process a document.

AutoText can store up to five text templates and three custom clipboards. These clipboards can contain any number of keywords or text blocks, helping you gain fast access to your favorite clips on the spot.

Furthermore, you can set certain keyboard shortcuts for your application, so that you can access the program instantly.

By using AutoText, you can experience an enhanced clipboard, as the program offers additional functions that surpass the basic functionality of the Windows built-in clipboard tool.

As a conclusion, the application can help you store your previous clips with ease or create text templates, useful for automating the processing of certain documents.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 389 KB

SHA256: cd75c8e6ddee67679f69a646d505f310dfddbd9c3c09f14ac4d97407a9204032

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