Zback 2.89.0

Accessible and user-friendly piece of software that can be used to easily synchronize or backup your computer files and directories. Zback is a free, easy to use program that acts as a backup and synchronize tool. The program can be used to synchronize files and directories, and in addition, it offers support for external HDDs and USB flash drives that speeds up the entire process. Zback has a clean and easy user-friendly interface, with all the main function buttons placed on the top. The main window lets you enjoy very fast the main functions of the app by accessing the correspondent category for your task.

Portable FreeVimager 9.9.1

Portable FreeVimager is a small software application which was created specifically to help you view and edit pictures, as well as play songs and videos. It can as well play AVI video files and some type of audio files. It is a small and handy tool which view and edit graphics file of type: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF (multi-page), PNG, PCX, and EMF and save as PDF command, and JPEG lossless rotate and crop. It includes Multi-monitor support: switch form one monitor to another through context menu or TAB key.It's an image viewer that enables you to manage, edit and convert one or more pictures, as well as play slideshows, audio tracks and AVI files.

Restart on Crash

An intuitive and portable tool that is able to monitor multiple applications and automatically relaunch them if they crash or hang. Restart on Crash is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help users automatically relaunch any program that hangs or crashes. Since this is a portable tool, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to monitor utilities and restart them on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

Portable Alternate Archiver 3.840

Portable Alternate Archiver is an easy-to-use file manager for archiving and renaming multiple files, and more. You will be able to tame your files (documents, pictures, videos, songs, folders, etc.) within a single step that permits you to rename, archive files in a sorted folder matrix, and send files to selected recipients via email. You can select which person gets which file as an attachment without the need to create individual emails. Alternate Archiver integrates itself into the context of Windows Explorer allowing for archival operation via a simple right click. Additionally, you can drag/drop files and folders into this program. No installation is required to use this tool.

NetTraffic 1.61.1

NetTraffic is a network data rate monitoring tool. NetTraffic shows data rates on a chart and as text labels. The application logs traffic and system uptime. Statistics module presents prognosis, average rates and information about the current state. Tables and charts present statistical information from selected period (available: year, month, day, hour). NetTraffic is a lightweight program for plotting all data sent and received via your TCP/IP Network adaptors in real-time. It will actively monitor network traffic (bandwidth) on selected interfaces and displays all information on an easy-to-read graph that contains statistical usage data.

AFPviewer 2.98

View AFPDS and AFP print files with the help of this streamlined and user-friendly reader that also enables you to convert pages to many different formats. Not the must popular file types, the AFP (short for Advanced Function Presentation) is a printer associated format that offers you more control over the editing and managing process. AFPviewer is a simple and efficient piece of software designed to help you view and analyze AFP and AFPDS files. The utility comes with a streamlined interface that is mostly based on the actual reading panel and a simple menu bar from where you can access the app's main features.

McAfee Stinger Portable 12.1.0

Tiny, portable and simple-to-use application that provides users with a rapid and efficient method for eliminating viruses and malware. This is the portable edition of McAfee Stinger - an antivirus application that bundles several options for letting you personalize a scanning and virus removal procedure. It doesn't need too much user experience to figure out its features. As installation is not a prerequisite, you can just extract the program files to any location on the hard disk and run the executable immediately. It is also possible to move the Stinger to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to check any workstation for viruses and malware.

AutoText 7.2

A lightweight, yet reliable application that enhances the basic functionality to your built-in clipboard by storing several text clips. When handling documents, a reliable auto-fill or clipboard application comes in handy, because the clipboard utility provided by your operating system can only store the last clip you saved. Besides, you need to be able to insert customized text on the spot, such as watermarks or logos, in order to avoid manually writing them every time you create a document. Fortunately, some software solutions, such as AutoText, can help you enhance the basic functionality of your built-in clipboard, by allowing you to create and save text templates, that can be inserted anytime into your documents.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.8

7+ Taskbar Tweaker enables you to tweak your Windows 7 taskbar. Some of the features let users display the standard window menu on right click instead of jump list, close or focus a window on middle click instead of running a new instance, disable grouping of windows by file path or application id, cycle through windows of a grouped button on left click instead of showing a thumbnails preview, open with while dropping a file on a taskbar button instead of pinning, and disable thumbnail previews.You can customize and enhance the functions of Windows Taskbar by using this user-friendly tool.

Pipette 19.11.19

With the help of the Pipette, you are able to pick up colors from your screen, for example from images, your desktop or any other document. The colors will be displayed in all common color systems like RGB, CMYK, CMY, HSC, TColor, XYZ and xyz and can be directly copied to the clipboard to use them in any other application such as graphic programs or web design editors. Furthermore, it is possible to change the values of the systems, so that you can ajust every color easily. In addition, a list of colors will be displayed so that you can save and switch a range of colors. The list can also be stored so that you can go on working on your colors later.

F.lux Portable

Portable app that automatically adjusts monitor colors to fit the current day/night setting, in order to protect eyesight when spending too much time on the PC. f.lux is a simple and easy to use application developed in order to provide you with the means of automatically adapting your desktop brightness and colors to the night / day lighting conditions. This utility functions best when it knows your location details, as such it is recommended that you enter your geographical position, so f.lux can calculate the precise time of day and render the appropriate light tones. This is also advisable because the program has a hard time guessing your location.

CPU-Z ROG 1.90.1

Customized version of CPU-Z designed for ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) motherboards, showing CPU, memory, cache, mainboard, SPD and graphics details. CPU-Z ROG represents a customized version of CPU-Z, dedicated to ROG (Republic of Gamers) motherboards found on ASUS devices. It displays information related to the CPU, memory, cache, mainboard, SPD and graphics, and supports CPU stress tests too. Installing it takes minimal time and effort, since there are no unfamiliar settings, software requirements or third-party components bundled with the setup kit.

ProgramEdit 4.8.7

A simple to use source code editor, which enables you to view and modify pieces of text using powerful functions, including highlight syntax or bookmarks. ProgramEdit is a reliable program that offers powerful source code editing functions, such as easy navigation or syntax highlight. The software is user-friendly, features a tabbed file viewer and supports a multitude of script files, in several programming languages. The software allows you to search and replace any piece of text. Program Edit allows you to open a multitude of file types, based on the programming language used to create them.

Scite 4.2.3

Lightweight and portable Scintilla-based text processing tool that supports syntax highlighting for several programming languages. Scite is a Scintilla-based text processing tool that supports syntax highlighting. It does not require installation. Since this is a portable app, you can save it anywhere on the hard disk and click it to run. It is also possible to move Scite to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any machine with minimum effort. What's more, the Windows Registry does not receive new entries, and leftover files are not kept on the HDD after removing the utility.

Laser GRBL 3.0.24

Create and prepare the image that you want to employ with your DIY Laser Engraver using this simple and straightforward software solution. Long-lasting and appealing, laser marking constitutes an excellent way to add a personal message on a piece of jewelry, devices, electronics, musical instruments and even firearms. In case you invested in a DIY Laser Engraver, then you can take advantage of tools like LaserGRBL to customize your favorite items with a prime marking. The setup is a swift and straightforward process that does not take too much time and does not require any special attention from your part. Simply unpack the archive in any desired location on your HDD and you are ready to use the application.

MuseTips Text Filter 2.1.0

Muse Tips Text Filter is a basic text reader with the flexibility of real-time text search just as you type the words. All you need to do is open up a text file with Text Filter, and type the text you’re looking for in the search bar on top. The software will highlight the searched words, and will also show only those paragraphs that contain the search query results, thus making sorting through search results easier. There are a variety of search options available, which include auto suggestions (the software remembers your previous search queries), Regular Expression (Regex) support, case sensitivity etc, and also allows you to show or hide the matched words as per your choice.

Portable Free Internet Window Washer 4.0

Removes Internet traces in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Netscape, along with activity data in Windows and various applications. This is the portable edition of Free Internet Window Washer, an easy-to-use application which can automatically delete web browser and system traces, along with other unnecessary data found in some applications. It enables users to clear history browsing (a feature which comes in handy when sharing the PC with multiple users) as well as to recover space on the HDD. Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can drop the program files in any location on the disk and just click the executable to run.

foobar2000 1.4.8

Foobar2000 is a convenient and flexible media player that you can load with all of your favorite music and customize to suit your specific needs and preferences. After a bit of setup, you can use this app in just about any way you see fit to manage your media library. This tool loads quickly and plays your media smoothly. It also can handle a large library with ease, so no matter how much music you already have, you can keep it all here without worry. There are many options for customization available through this app. You can choose the Quick Setup option, or you can go through the process of making individual selections about the type of information you'd like to see.

Portable EML Viewer 1.0.7

View EML contents on your computer quickly and without significant efforts by turning to this lightweight application that doesn't need extra configuration. If you handle multiple email documents on a daily basis, you might want to find a quick way of accessing their contents without great efforts. One of the safest ways to do this is via third-party applications such as Portable EML Viewer that can provide you with all the necessary tools. This application is the portable version of EML Viewer. This means that you don't need to install it, as simply decompressing the archive it comes packed in and launching the executable grants you full access to its features.

Q-Dir 7.83

View and manage the contents of four folders at the same time, transfer files easily and increase your overall productivity, with this nifty application. Choosing to manually clean your computer or sort out files of various types can be a pain and a time-consuming process. However, it all becomes a lot easier with the help of specialized applications such as Q-Dir. It gives you the possibility to manage files and folders from a single window, for a more practical approach on file management. The application comes in an incredibly light package, the setup process taking roughly a couple of seconds from the moment you press “Install”.

Pipette Portable 19.12.4

With the help of the Pipette, you are able to pick up colors from your screen, for example from images, your desktop or any other document. The colors will be displayed in all common color systems like RGB, CMYK, CMY, HSC, TColor, XYZ and xyz and can be directly copied to the clipboard to use them in any other application such as graphic programs or web design editors. Furthermore, it is possible to change the values of the systems, so that you can ajust every color easily. In addition, a list of colors will be displayed so that you can save and switch a range of colors. The list can also be stored so that you can go on working on your colors later.

NetworkOpenedFiles 1.26

NetworkOpenedFiles is a simple tool designed to display quickly all files that are opened by other computers within your network.This tool works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows XP and up to Windows 10. It is the perfect tool for users wanting to share files and folders with others within the network. You can also tailor access permissions depending on the user. For every opened filename, NetworkOpenedFiles will display the following information: Filename, user name, computer name, Permissions information (Read/Write/Create), locks count, file owner, file size, file attributes, and more.

DesktopSnowOK 4.11

DesktopSnowOK is a lightweight portable Windows program for fun, showing snowflakes of different style at your desktop. It does not have to be installed and can be executed from the desktop easily. It features low CPU usage, adjustable speed, several flakes textures (bitmaps), optional alpha transparency, and optional deactivation by mouse movement or keyboard input, optional translation feature, portable, and multilingual. Simply stated, it lets snow flakes fall down on your desktop and bring the feel of winter in your home thanks to this simple and portable application. Given this is a portable tool, there's no need to install it.

RAMExpert 1.12.0

An intuitive and user-friendly application designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their RAM in order to boost the system's performance. RAMExpert is a lightweight and efficient application whose main purpose is to provide users with a comprehensive report concerning the physical memory (RAM) detected on the system. Besides this overview, the program also detects empty slots, indicating the possibility of upgrading your computer in order to gain in terms of performance. The application is fit for all users, regardless on their level of IT knowledge, because it is intuitive and easy-to-use. The user interface is user-oriented, displaying all there is to know out in the open – no menus involved.

Process Hacker Portable 2.39

Multi-purpose, easy-to-use and powerful application that will assist users with debugging, system monitoring and malware detection. Some anti-malware applications trigger alerts when downloading this application. However, our tests have shown that these are, in fact, false positives, so it's safe to download and install it. After some time of intensely using your computer, you might notice it's starting to run a little slow. This is due to residue files left after uninstalling applications or simply because of unwanted processes staying active and using precious system resources. Luckily, applications such as Process Hacker let you view in-dept details about your system and carefully manage them for enhanced performance.

ArtMoney SE 8.06.2

Universal game cheater that will help you find where a certain item, such as health, is located and change its quantity to win the game. Designed for those addicted to winning, ArtMoney SE is an easy-to-use application designed to help you cheat at any game. Its main advantage is that it can find any quantity specified in a game, whether it is money, bullets, health points or number of lives. Playing a game is no fun if you never win. ArtMoney SE helps you make any game easier to win by finding the memory address where the quantities of items are located, such as money or points; thus it lets you increase their values.

Notes Keeper

Take notes, then insert pics, tables and files, password-protect them or export them to RTF, all due to this straightforward and intuitive application. When working on your school assignments or a lengthy work report, you do not necessarily need to turn to expensive software in order to ensure your projects are high-quality. There are several apps that can rise to your expectations without requiring you to spend a small fortune on them - such a tool is Notes Keeper. You need to start by creating a database where your future notes will be stored, then add as many entries as you like - you can make sure you keep all your notes neatly organised by grouping them in folders or assigning them relevant tags.

Zback Portable 2.89.0

Powerful and accessible software application that enables computer users to quickly backup and synchronize all the computer files. Creating files and folders synchronization and backups tasks can be quickly performed with Zback Portable, an intuitive application that allows users to create customized batch processes from command lines stored in a BAL document. Essentially, one must define three parameters to operate this software: a source folder, a target directory and a synchronization logic. While the first two items are self-explanatory, defining a customized logic is where the real power of the program lies.