ProxyCrypt 2.4.0

Encrypt volumes within a file or hard drive to use the encrypted partitions as normal ones, thanks to this command-line tool made for paranoid users. ProxyCrypt is a command-line utility that can be used to encrypt entire volumes not only within the hard drive but even inside a single file. It's dedicated to paranoid users looking to maximize their security when it comes to sensitive content. The tool is free and open-source, available for both 32- and 64-bit Windows. No installation is required, so you can unzip the downloaded archive and use the executable file that corresponds to your operating system's architecture type. However, it cannot work without ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver or Arsenal Image Mounter installed.

There are many commands that can be executed by ProxyCrypt, which can be viewed by calling the process without entering anything else. The syntax is proxycrypt64 [mount_point] -f file | -d drive_number[,[partition]] [-r] [-c|-cr [size]] [-p partition] [-o offset] [-cp] [-sp] [-pa] [-k|-ko file] [-kn|-kon file] [-sc mem[,cpu]] [-scn mem[,cpu]] [-ad time] [-ads] [-b backup_file] [-run "exe" "arg"] [-pp ...] [-fp "arguments"] [-t threads] [-v verbose] [-aim]
Set the mount point, make the encrypted volume read-only, and mroe

The mount_point represents the drive letter or empty directory on a NTFS volume, -f is the image file of the encrypted drive, while -d represents the number of the physical drive where the encrypted volume is located. You can mount the volume as read-only to prevent any modifications (-r), create a new encrypted volume (-c) and change the password (-cp).

It's also possible to set the verbosity level (-v), create a new 512-byte key file with random data (-ck), run a benchmark of available ciphers (-bm, AES-256, Serpent and SHACAL-2 are supported), as well as to set the number of threads that will be used for encryption and decryption (-t), among other options.

The application creates encrypted volumes in reasonable time while remaining light on system resources usage. Thanks to its wide range of advanced options, ProxyCrypt should meet the requirements of many hardcore users interested in encrypting partitions.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Open Source
Author: Website
Size: 210 KB

SHA256: 3a128c39a6f7508690dc217f198f1c8d1fe7e8c7e45246bf60d57ba59248984f

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