Portable CPU-Z 1.90

Read information about your computer's hardware configuration, including the processor, the cache memory, the motherboard and the graphics card. Portable CPU-Z is the portable version of the well-known CPU-Z, a tool designed to help you monitor the inner workings of your computer. This way, avid gamers and users who generally put a strain on their systems can carefully supervise the capacities of their computers. Since this is a portable product, the tool does not require any installation, so the Windows registry entries remain unchanged. Moreover, you can directly run it from a removable drive.

The user interface is standard, offering you an overview of the CPU, caches, mainboard, memory, SPD, and graphics. Novice users are likely to get lost in the details, but power users are going to be thrilled.

In the CPU section you can view data displayed on the processors (such as name, code name, package, core voltage, specification and instructions), as well as clocks (core speed, multiplier, bus speed) and cache (calculates the real latency of each cache memory level).

The Mainboard tab contains useful information regarding the motherboard (such as manufacturer name and model, chipset) and BIOS, while Memory lets you view various timings (e.g. DRAM frequency).

In the SPD section you can view information for each memory slot (module size, maximum bandwidth, manufacturer, part number), and for the timings table (frequency, voltage), while Graphics allows you to view details on the GPU (name, code name, technology), clocks (core, shaders, memory) and memory (size, type, bus width).

Additionally, you can export a report to TXT or HTML, to further study it.

Portable CPU-Z is certainly a useful application to keep on any computer, and it does its job while consuming a low amount of system memory.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.48 MB

SHA256: 79c641eaef063d6206e5c4ad803a5e85173c23b716d0642156b7005263152005

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