Funny Body Clock 11.8

A neat and actually funny digital clock that display the numbers as people in different positions and gives the impression of real body movement. Desktop clocks are not really the most entertaining apps, as they have one simple role - to display time. However if you want to smile every time you check the hour, Funny Body Clock is a neat digital clock that brings a well-designed and playful animation to the table. After the app is installed, you can notice that the UI keeps it very simple as there are no other elements involved except a white background and six human figures that take the role of numbers.

The clock's most interesting feature is the seconds counter which continuously moves the last figure in a fluid and almost natural way. This can mesmerize you and make you lose some time just by staring at the screen.

However, the clock is not the only function; the other one is a little bit out of sight but not hard to reach. If you right-click the system tray icon, an alarm menu pops up. Access the alarm in order to set it and a reminder at the same time, as there is a text field (“Tips”) that will be displayed when the alarm goes off.

At first boot, the UI will be relatively small, but if you drag the corners you can resize it as you please. As a small note, if the window is set to a small size, it gives the impression that the animations are quicker, and the time can be easily read, but if you enlarge the window, the human shapes appear to move slower, and the numbers are a little hard to read.

Funny body clock is a simple desktop clock but its style and animations make it more enjoyable and entertaining for its real purpose. The alarm feature  can also come in handy for users that like to set up quick reminders while they are working on something else.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 991 KB

SHA256: c71ebbad1c660757ba9b794d0cd933a87561bb8b54d000b5a892afd2c289d0b7

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