Forkle 0.75.0

Browse the Internet without having to worry about trackers, adware or telemetry using this straightforward, stripped-down browser. We all appreciate having everything at our fingertips and the same principle applies to browsers. From small extensions to manage our bookmarks and keep organized to pinning websites you access frequently, all these addons make surfing the web more convenient every day. Then again, these convenience comes at a price and that is privacy. Forkle is a lightweight browser that can provide a solution in this sense, namely a very simplistic browser that does not include tabs, toolbars, bookmark managers or extensions.

The application looks as simple and plain as it gets and it may seem a bit weird at first, mainly because all pictures and graphic elements are cut when displaying the pages. On the other hand, this brings a considerably larger viewable screen space that lets you focus on the content.

The highlight of the browser is the fact that it is privacy oriented and hence, it can provide better when it comes to preventing behavior tracking, telemetry, spyware and adware. According to the developer, the app includes a very light adblocker so that you are better protected.

In case you are wondering whether you can reach various services, such as email or YouTube, for instance, then you should bear in mind that the start page includes several useful links in this sense. To be more precise, you can access Google, Gmail Lite, Google Maps, Google Drive, OneDrive or perform various ad blocking tests.

Considering that it does not have to load images, ads, popups and other graphic elements commonly found on a webpage, you will be happy to learn that it loads quite fast. Although it lacks in terms of options, you have some form of session history that you can access from the Session monitor found in the main menu.

All in all, Forkle can be a great solution for anyone who is very concerned about telemetry, privacy or trackers. Moreover, due to its small size, the browser can be carried on a USB Flash and used whenever necessary from a wide variety of systems, including older ones with limited RAM, old processor and graphic card.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 167 KB

SHA256: bb22d265e6e4a54ff185bbb7e32e78aaab3c19b83d92a28353a90d1de1ae0ec1

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