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NetTraffic Portable 1.61.1

Monitors the outgoing and the incoming network traffic on your computer, displaying statistical information that can be exported. Among many other tasks, network administrators have to make sure that the data traffic that goes through the network does not cause clutters. In other words, they need a reliable traffic monitoring application that can provide statistical information about the sent and received packets and offer insight on what might have caused bottlenecks at some point. One such application is NetTraffic Portable. Designed as the install-free edition of NetTraffic, this application helps users keep an eye on the network bandwidth and monitor the transfer speed.

Permadelete 0.6

Delete sensitive files and overwrite the data to prevent them from being recovered, with this no-nonsense, easy-to-use application. When you delete a file in Windows, the actual data remains on the hard drive until it is overwritten, and it can normally be retrieved using specialized software if you act quickly enough. Naturally, this is not ideal if you do not want the files to be recovered. Permadelete is a lightweight application that can prevent recovery by overwriting the files with random data. It performs a single pass, unlike other similar programs, so it can get the job done very quickly.

Q-Dir Portable 7.83

Access up to four directories at once and quickly transfer files between them using drag and drop, manage their contents and export folder information. Q-Dir is a portable file manager that comes equipped with a few extra options, compared to Windows Explorer. Thanks to the software's portability, installation is not necessary. You can place Q-Dir on a removable device and run it on any computer. More importantly, your Windows registry entries will remain intact. By default, the user interface is split into four windows. Each window has its own treeview (if you want to display it), or you can change the viewing mode, so that a single treeview is displayed for all areas.

PingInfoView 2.01

PingInfoView is a lightweight software solution that can automatically ping user-defined hosts and display the results in a clean and well-organized GUI. PingInfoView is a small utility that allows you to easily ping multiple host names and IP addresses, and watch the result in one table. It will automatically ping to all hosts every number of seconds that you specify, and displays the number of successful and failed pings, as well as the average ping time. You can also save PingInfoView's results into text/HTML/XML file, or copy it to the clipboard. In other words, you can ping multiple host names and IP addresses, then watch the result in one table.

ProxyCrypt 2.4.0

Encrypt volumes within a file or hard drive to use the encrypted partitions as normal ones, thanks to this command-line tool made for paranoid users. ProxyCrypt is a command-line utility that can be used to encrypt entire volumes not only within the hard drive but even inside a single file. It's dedicated to paranoid users looking to maximize their security when it comes to sensitive content. The tool is free and open-source, available for both 32- and 64-bit Windows. No installation is required, so you can unzip the downloaded archive and use the executable file that corresponds to your operating system's architecture type. However, it cannot work without ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver or Arsenal Image Mounter installed.

Funny Body Clock 11.8

A neat and actually funny digital clock that display the numbers as people in different positions and gives the impression of real body movement. Desktop clocks are not really the most entertaining apps, as they have one simple role - to display time. However if you want to smile every time you check the hour, Funny Body Clock is a neat digital clock that brings a well-designed and playful animation to the table. After the app is installed, you can notice that the UI keeps it very simple as there are no other elements involved except a white background and six human figures that take the role of numbers.

FreeVimager 9.9.3

View and edit images by cropping, resizing or rotating them, even converting them to other formats, with the help of this handy program. FreeVimager is a image viewer and editor. It can as well play AVI video files and some type of audio files. It is a small and handy tool which view and edit graphics file of type: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF (multi-page), PNG, PCX, and EMF and save as PDF command, and JPEG lossless rotate and crop. It includes Multi-monitor support: switch form one monitor to another through context menu or TAB key. In simple terms, it's an image viewer that enables you to manage, edit and convert one or more pictures, as well as play slideshows, audio tracks and AVI files.

Zero Install Portable 2.16.7

Simple tool that can download portable versions of various applications based on specific feeds, featuring management and synchronization capabilities. With Internet speed increasing on a constant basis, users have no trouble navigating to a developer’s address to get the latest version of an application, or to a trusted software distribution website. Zero Install is a software distribution platform that makes this sort of task easier by providing a simple way to reach the desired program. Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution software installation system. Other features include full support for shared libraries (with a SAT solver for dependency resolution), sharing between users, and integration with native platform package managers.

Reduce Memory 1.3

Optimize memory usage by freeing it up with this lightweight application that requires no additional configuration and does not pack a user interface. If you are working with a lot of programs on your computer, you might notice significant drops in your PC's performance as you install more and more applications or updates. Although you can use native tools, such as Windows' Task Manager to identify demanding processes, you can turn to third-party software solutions such as Reduce Memory and achieve quicker and more efficient results. Please note that some of this application's functions require you to grant it Administrator privileges so that they can perform as intended.

Blank And Secure 5.31

When you dump a file from your Recycle Bin, it's not really gone for good. You need a special program to get rid of it. Blank and Secure does the job very efficiently. You can tweak the settings to find the perfect mix of security and speed for you. The tool lets you pick any file on your hard drive and drag and drop it right into the queue for deletion. You can also wipe blank space on your hard drive, eliminating the chance of someone reviving a deleted file. The program fills the deleted file with junk to make it impossible to restore. You can choose any number of "passovers" from one to 35. This is a portable tool, hence no installation is required to use it.

EaseFilter File Protector

Keep updated about the activities occurring on file system level and monitor all files that are being created, read or written with this app. Given the number of processes that run quietly in the background, it is understandable why some users have a hard time keeping track of what is being written, deleted or modified on their computers. Monitoring file activity is not only useful for safeguarding from potential viruses, but it can also let you know what others have modified in your files, in the event you are sharing your PC with other users. EaseFilter File Protector is a small application that enables you to monitor and control all file activity on file system level and makes sure no operation occurs without your authorization.

Forkle 0.75.0

Browse the Internet without having to worry about trackers, adware or telemetry using this straightforward, stripped-down browser. We all appreciate having everything at our fingertips and the same principle applies to browsers. From small extensions to manage our bookmarks and keep organized to pinning websites you access frequently, all these addons make surfing the web more convenient every day. Then again, these convenience comes at a price and that is privacy. Forkle is a lightweight browser that can provide a solution in this sense, namely a very simplistic browser that does not include tabs, toolbars, bookmark managers or extensions.

Black NotePad

Take this plain text editor for a spin to ensure a distractions-free writing experience while also enjoying out the benefits of customizing its themes. Since distractions are the real culprit behind writer’s block – or so they say - regardless of the nature of your text, you probably want to be protected from such annoyances. Black NotePad is a minimalist text editor that banks on precisely this principle since it provides you with a customizable writing environment so that you can easily focus strictly on your content. Before anything else, you need to know that Black NotePad is a portable software solution, which means no installation steps require your attention.

MediaInfo Lite 19.09

Provides you with an accurate description about your media files with information regarding their audio or video format, video resolution and length. MediaInfo Lite is a compact and straightforward piece of software which enables you to analyze audio and video files in a user-friendly environment. It caters to all users who frequently work with audio or video processing tools, or in case they want to start a collection of favorite songs and movies. The installer offers the possibility of integrating MediaInfo Lite into the Windows shell, for easy access. The app supports a wide range of audio and video formats, including AVI, MP3, MOV and WAV.

MiTeC System Information X

Inspect your system's configuration, view hardware and software components, and generate detailed reports with this simple application. When you want to analyze the components of your PC, you can either browse around its menus and windows until you get all the needed information, or you can rely on a specialized app. Such a solution is MiTeC System Information X, an intuitive utility that can help you generate reports about your computer’s software and hardware components. It has capability to save brief text of full XML report and store data in structured storage file (readable by using standard Windows API), that can be lately viewed as well.

Free Internet Window Washer 4.0

Clears traces in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Netscape, in addition to activity data in Windows and various programs. Free Internet Window Washer is a powerful freeware utility that allows users to clean the tracks of the entire computer activity, including those concerning the Internet and offline apps. Although the interface doesn't bring that eye-candy look you may expect from this kind of software, Free Internet Window Washer is an easy to use application, especially thanks its well-organized layout. The “Wash Settings” screen for example allows you to configure the items to be removed, which are nicely organized in tabs.

CPU-Z ASRock 1.90.1

A lightweight application created to collect information about your system, handy particularly for PCs with an ASRock OC Formula motherboard. CPU-Z ASRock is a useful and reliable software solution whose main purpose resides in gathering relevant information about your system and generating a complex report, which you can then use to learn more about its functioning. The application is parented by the popular CPU-Z, but it is specifically intended for ASRock OC Formula motherboards. For this reason, its appearance does not stray too much from the classic interface of this series of programs.

Wireless Network Watcher 2.21

Wireless Network Watcher is a small, lightweight utility, which scans your wireless network and then displays a list of all devices that are currently connected to your network. The tool shows detailed information about any connected device including: IP address, MAC address, the network card manufacturer, and (optionally) the computer name. If you need to transfer this data, then you can also export the connected device list into html/xml/csv/text file, or copy the list to the clipboard and then paste into a spreadsheet app. Overall, Wireless Network Watcher is nice little information tool that gives you a window into your network.