Audio Over LAN 2

Send uncompressed sound from an audio input device to another computer on the network, using the two small command-line programs included in this package. Using multiple PC’s, whether at home or at work, is no longer such a rarity. However, a setup like this brings with it certain challenges, such as controlling multiple systems with one set of peripherals and transferring audio between them. Audio Over LAN, as you can probably tell, will help you with the latter. It is designed to send uncompressed audio from a sound device to another PC on the network, without too much latency.

First off, let’s go through how the applications work. There are two of them in the archive, one for the streaming PC and one for the receiver. They’re both portable, so just copy each of them to the right PC to get started.

Next, you’ll need to open the streaming program and select the device that should have its audio sent over the network. All available input source will be listed, so just type the right value and press Enter.

Lastly, open the receiver program and insert the IP address of the streaming computer. If it’s correct, a connection to the server should now be established.

While the UI may not look all that novice-friendly, the applications are actually quite intuitive. After you have configured them initially, the receiver’s IP address, along with the selected input device, will be stored in a configuration file and used automatically.

Since these utilities are portable, they are also very simple to deploy. If you’re looking for a way to transfer audio across a network, and you don’t have a lot of time to waste on configurations, it should work just fine.

While clearly not the most advanced software of its kind, Audio Over LAN is a great choice for users who just want to send audio across a local network without too much fuss. It’s lightweight and portable, and it does the job.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 531 KB

SHA256: 52ec1d61166970bd630cb7cc96d055888a4942461698048c5c04b1cdc3034a51

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