Free Screen Recorder 2.9

Free Screen Recorder is a great application that you can download for free and use as many times as you want. As the program's title suggests, this software allows you to record any region of your screen and save it as a video file, so that you can watch it, whenever you want. The program's main window has almost everything you need to record anything the way you want. When you click on the rec button, the program displays a transparent square that you can place in the region, you need to record. If that little square is too small for what you want to record, don't worry, because you can go to the advanced options and adjust the width and height of your target.

Portable Alternate Timer 4.130

Schedule your daily activities or determine your income based on the number of hours that you have worked, including breaks or vacations as well. Portable Alternate Timer is an intuitive and quite simple to handle piece of software that was developed to assist you in better organizing your days. It enables you to plan ahead, letting you determine your income based on the number of worked hours. Appearance-wise, the application displays a clean and practical appearance, allowing you to opt for one of two view modes: table and calendar, whichever best suits your needs. The ribbon comprises salary details, which you can configure for your particular situation.

MiTeC Network Scanner

Keep a close eye on the network you are administrating with the help of this feature-packed and easy to use multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanning tool. MiTeC Network Scanner is an advanced Windows multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner that comprises a well-organized interface and powerful tools aimed at network administrators. Scanning an IP range is as easy as pie because you only need to input the starting and the ending addresses, but MiTeC Network Scanner also provides three different options: you can automatically scan the network, the Active Directory or use a detected range according to a user-defined adapter.

Windows Phone Internals 2.8

Unlock the bootloader of several Lumia devices, then get the chance to enable root access or flash custom ROMs on your smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones come in a flurry of models and shapes, and it is up to you to find the one that meets your necessities. If your device of choice is Lumia and you want to customize its configuration to match your expectations, you can try Windows Phone Internals. It needs to be emphasized from the beginning that not all Lumia phones are supported, so you might need to browse the documentation to make sure your handset is compatible. Also, expert PC skills come in handy, otherwise you might end up damaging your phone rather than optimizing it.

Monkey's Audio 4.79

Compress .wav tracks into .ape files to reduce their size without losing sound quality, decompress .ape, convert files, check file integrity and manage tags. Designed for .wav tracks only, Monkey's Audio is a lightweight and powerful application that can compress files into .ape format to reduce the space they occupy on the disk while attempting to preserve the original sound quality. It features multiple levels of speed and offers support for batch processing. After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are greeted by an outdated interface that doesn't put emphasis on looks, yet it's easy to navigate and lets you immediately dive into the configuration procedure.

Process Hacker Portable 2.9

Multi-purpose, easy-to-use and powerful application that will assist users with debugging, system monitoring and malware detection. Some anti-malware applications trigger alerts when downloading this application. However, our tests have shown that these are, in fact, false positives, so it's safe to download and install it. After some time of intensely using your computer, you might notice it's starting to run a little slow. This is due to residue files left after uninstalling applications or simply because of unwanted processes staying active and using precious system resources. Luckily, applications such as Process Hacker let you view in-dept details about your system and carefully manage them for enhanced performance.

ZHPCleaner 2019.7.23

ZHPCleaner is a free portable tool which can detect and remove adware, browser hijackers, some toolbars and more. The program is very convenient to use. There's no installation, it doesn't even arrive in a ZIP file, you just download, run and hit "Scan". You might see occasional dialogs and prompts during the scan, and these aren't always straightforward. "Have you installed this server?", the program asked, displaying a couple of IP addresses we didn't recognise. What server? ZHPCleaner didn't explain, so we clicked "No" and waited to see what would happen. Once the scan completes, the program becomes more straightforward.

Portable Duplicate & Same Files Searcher 5.1.5

Erase those duplicate files and gain space on your drive with the help of this easy to use, lightweight and portable application. Duplicate & Same Files Searcher (Duplicate Searcher) is an application for searching duplicate files (clones) and NTFS hard links as well symbolic links to the same file. It searches duplicate file contents regardless of file name (true byte-to-byte comparison is used). This application allows not only to delete duplicate files or to move them to another location, but to replace duplicates with NTFS hard links or symbolic links. Given this is a portable version, no installation is required to use it.

Earth Alerts 2019.1.160

Earth Alerts is an application designed to run on Microsoft Windows that allows you to monitor in near real-time a variety of natural hazard events that are occurring anywhere around the world. Alert notifications, reports, and imagery provide the user with a convenient way to view natural phenomenon as they occur, whether close to home or some far-flung corner of the globe! Earth Alerts uses a variety of online resources provided by organizations such as the National Weather Service, U.S. Geological Survey and Smithsonian Institution (just to name a few), to identify what sort of activities "Mother Earth" is currently dishing out on the planet.


Effortlessly auto-organize your photos with the help of this software tool that can react to commands you send remotely, via email. If you are the kind of user who hoards impressive amounts of photos on their computer, finding the time to put them in order may be tricky. That is why you may want to consider employing a software utility in this respect, with tagEZ offering to do precisely that for you.First of all, you need to know that the program welcomes you with a simplistic user interface that makes it obvious from the very moment that the tool was designed with ease of navigation in mind.

Portable Alternate Archiver 3.720

Portable Alternate Archiver is an easy-to-use file manager for archiving and renaming multiple files, and more. You will be able to tame your files (documents, pictures, videos, songs, folders, etc.) within a single step that permits you to rename, archive files in a sorted folder matrix, and send files to selected recipients via email. You can select which person gets which file as an attachment without the need to create individual emails. Alternate Archiver integrates itself into the context of Windows Explorer allowing for archival operation via a simple right click. Additionally, you can drag/drop files and folders into this program. No installation is required to use this tool.

Brave Browser 0.66.99

Make your Internet surfing sessions more enjoyable by avoiding annoying ads and intrusive trackers using this appealing and intuitive browser. While it is true that almost all well-known browsers have some sort of popup protection, sometimes you might have the feeling that the creators of these ads are just one step ahead of everyone. Irrespective of whether they have inappropriate content, spam or are simply unnecessary, such ads are a hassle and a nuisance that many users are trying to get rid of. Brave is a secure browser built on the principle of blocking irritating ads and preventing intrusive trackers from monitoring your activity online.

Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox includes most third-party applications and Windows utilities you might need to repair any Windows problems in one small application. Video tutorial available. It’s broken down into categories for Tools, Malware Removal, Tests, Notes, and Settings. When required, the program will download what it needs and can also optionally run many tools in unattended mode.  Of course, you can download any of these tools individually or another similar ISO based third-party program, but those are only as good as their updates. Since this downloads directly from the homepage, you always have the latest version and only what you need.

Password Cracker 4.3.5

A tool for restoring forgotten passwords (also for Internet Explorer), which features a simple interface that is very easy to get accustomed with. Every time we forget a password we think that we could easily write it down somewhere safe. Usually that works, but if we didn't do that and still tried to find a way to get it out of the software, somehow, we would end up looking for a piece of software that is able to take those passwords already stored in your applications. Although it can be used in less-orthodox ways, Password Cracker brags about lending you a helping hand when you need to `see` behind those password asterisks.

Alternate File Move 2.020

A lightweight and straightforward program that offers you the possibility to synchronize two folders (to mirror them) with just a few swift keystrokes. Alternate File Move is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software designed to provide you with the means of quickly comparing and synchronizing the contents of two distinct folders (master and slave), enabling you to make sure they include the same data. The application features a clean and intuitive appearance, its functioning parameters being easily adjustable from the main window, so you do not need to go looking for hidden settings or options.

12-Ants 4.01

A lightweight and portable application that helps users animate their desktop activity by placing several ants on the screen, with the possibility of changing their color and adjusting the speed. 12-Ants is a lightweight desktop enhancement utility that places deskmates on your screen. This Windows utility displays several ants that live on your desktop. Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to animate your desktop activity.

GrabCaptureScreen 2.0.5

GrabCaptureScreen is a tool to take screenshots, with up to six different modes, and also saves the captures automatically. You can take interactive shots, use a special keyboard key, capture windows, areas or selections, and save the results automatically in a folder you want, with auto-numbering and prefixes. The capture modes offered by GrabCaptureScreen are the following: desktop, simple window, multi-monitor desktops, alternative desktop to active window, rectangular area, and predefined rectangle. The format you save the image in is the usual, including GIF and JPG; and you can also adjust the dimensions and the compression options.

Mp3tag v2.97

Powerful tag editor for various music files, enabling users to change the metadata information of their tracks in batch mode by syncing content with online databases. If you have a really large music collection, you sure know how important it really is to keep everything organized, no matter if we're thinking about the audio files as such or the tags that carry vital information about the music tracks. In case you still struggle to work with those sound labels, it's probably high time to give Mp3tag a shot. Just like its name suggests, this is a software solution designed to assist you in your efforts to organize your music collection, so editing tags and filenames is its main purpose.

ExperienceIndexOK 2.05

View your computer's Windows Experience Index even on Windows versions that do not display it by default and recalculate it fast. The search has come to an end at this point, on Windows 10 / 8.1 you no longer need to search the performance index in vain. ExperienceIndexOK shows you the performance index and how you can still calculate it. To rebuild the performance index on Windows 8.1 / 10, you no longer need to start PowerShell to read the performance index data. With this Windows Experience Index Tool you accelerate the reading of the Windows performance index in the versions 8.1 and 10. Thus, you always have a better overview / insight on the Windows performance index.

ZHPDiag 2019.7.11

Connecting a corrupted Flash stick, accessing a website that includes a Trojan or a rogue or downloading malware from email attachments, are just a few examples of how your computer can get infected. ZHPDiag is a software that allows to perform quick and complete operating system diagnosis. It scrutinizes the Base of registers and lists the sensitive areas that are likely to be pirated. It is based on a whitelist by module system that allows for shorter reports. It detects a large number of malware. It serves as monitor for the most common infections. At the end of report, a list of detection returns to profiles of the malware. No installation id required to use this tool.

Google Apps Manager 4.89

Take control of Google Apps on your domain to manage existing accounts, create new ones, handle print, and other classroom tasks, and more with this set of tools. Over the years, Google managed to become an Internet industry giant, being a popular source, and destination for various types of activities. One type in particular is dedicated to education, offering a set of productivity, and classroom collaboration tools. To manage them, you might need to use applications like Google Apps With GAM you can create users, turn on/off services for users like POP and Forwarding and much more.

Portable CDBurnerXP 4.5.7

CDBurnerXP is a Portable Free CD DVD Blu-Ray Burning Software. It can be used to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. The CD DVD Burning Tool offers features commonly found in purchased CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Recording Software. Examples include: Ability to burn and create ISOs, compile your own audio disks or data disks, Bin – Nrg  to ISO converter, Make ISO files from CD, Create bootable CD's and much more. CDBurnerXP Portable is available in a stand alone version, enabling you to store and run the tool from a USB device. This means you simply execute the tool and start using it with no changes made to your PC.

HoneyView 5.20

Honeyview is a very fast image viewer supporting various formats. It also supports viewing the images in compressed ZIP, RAR, or 7z files without extraction. If an image has GPS information, the location can be viewed on Google Maps, and users can store preferred photos. HoneyView is an image viewer which enables you to associate a lot of file types with it, such as JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIFF, PSD, CBR and DNG. In other words and simply stated, by application you can view images as a slideshow with various effects between slides and you can also modify your pictures. Given the simplicity of this tool, It's suited to all types of computational users.

TheAeroClock 3.91

The Aero Clock is a simple but at the same time beautiful desktop clock with alpha transparency.
This very decorative desktop clock shows the local time at the Desktop. The basic functions: total transparency, size, setting, and the selection of the Clock-texture or the appearance are available. The Aero Clock does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop. TheAeroClock is portable freeware that opens as soon as you click its extracted program file, displaying its clock face and its settings dialog. This simple pop-up has sliders for setting the clock's size and more.

TC4Shell 1.73

TC4Shell is a file archiver which makes things as simple as possible, but not simpler. Thanks to its core feature – ultimate integration with Windows Explorer – you will be able to handle archives and disk images just like regular folders. Everything you might need when dealing with archives is now right within reach: copy/paste, drag&drop, running executables directly from archives, as well as working with nested archives and self-extracting (SFX) packages. In addition, TC4Shell enables you with easy, yet convenient, password manager and package profiles. If you often send or receive password-protected archives, you can set up passwords for encryption.

Freeraser 1.0.0

Freeraser is a free file shredder that will render sensitive information unrecoverable. Deleting a file in Windows doesn't mean that it disappears forever. The system simply marks the space as free, but the actual file is still there and can easily be recovered with the appropriate software. So if you want to make sure your deleted files can't be recovered later on, use Freeraser, an alternative Recycle Bin for Windows that erases files securely so that they can't be retrieved with a recovery tool. Freeraser features a nicely-designed resizable icon with transparency effects, and looks much better than the standard Windows bin.

WeatherDan 8.5.1

WeatherDan is a simple desktop weather monitor which allows you to track current conditions for any US ZIP code. A single click on the program's system tray icon displays a summary for the current ZIP code (3345/8 Jupiter, FL by default). Details include temperature, "feels like", wind, humidity, pressure, dew point, visibility, UV index. This popup doesn't disappear after a few seconds, or when you move your mouse away, and this seemed convenient to us: you can leave it there, and the summary remains on top of other windows. Right-click the WeatherDan system tray icon and you'll find options to set your own ZIP code.

MWSnap 3.00

MWSnap is a small tool that enables you to take snapshots from programs or any selected part of your screen. It comes with hotkeys that will make it even easier to take a screenshot of any program, region and even of the entire screen. The captured areas can be saved to different image files. You will need to choose which format to save your files, once you have taken a snapshot. The formats supported are BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF. You will be able to take a screenshot of any program, picture or region of your computer by just using the program's hotkeys. For taking a screenshot of a program you're using, you just have to press Shift + Control + W.

WAV to AC3 Encoder 5.5

WAV to AC3 Encoder is a software application that allows you to easily convert audio tracks, from WAV to AC3 format. The user interface of the program is simple and easy to understand. You can add files or folders to the queue by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method, set the output path and initialize the encoding process. WAV to AC3 Encoder is a simple piece of software that helps you convert WAV files to AC3 format with the aid of batch processing and configure audio parameters (e.g. sample rate and format, channels, bitrate). Suited to professionals and novices alike.

Holiday Champagne Screensaver 1.0

You have not seen this screensaver probably yet! Amazing holiday screensaver. For all the people who love atmosphere of the holiday, Christmas and New Year. To create a festive mood! All of this you will find in our new Holiday Champagne Screensaver. Free holiday screensaver will decorate your desktop. It can be installed in anticipation of the holiday, and can simply treat yourself with no reason. Champagne screensaver will please you every day. You can simply induce a festive mood to your PC using this eye-catching screensaver that is appropriate not only for the winter holidays but also for any other important event.

Cemu - Wii U Emulator 1.7.3

If you're a huge fan of console gaming, you probably understand that the capabilities of the consoles are limited by their hardware and there's little you can do about that, especially regarding graphics. However, you can turn to specialized software solutions such as Cemu - Wii U Emulator that enables you to play Wii U titles on your computer and adjust graphic settings. In other words and simply stated, you can play your favorite Wii U releases directly on your computer by turning to this emulator that provides you with various relevant tools. This is a very easy to use tool that's recommended to all computer users.

Uosk 0.2.0

Uosk is a practical piece of software named Uosk Unicode On-Screen Keyboard that you can especially use to build your own map of special characters long or commonly used words which can be speedily inserted into any text-oriented application with just single click of a button. With this application you can smoothly and continuously insert special characters or whole words into any text-supported application by pressing buttons and customize your character map. The application is almost similar to the virtual keyboard or a character map with the main difference that you can not only customize it by adding your own characters such as ASCII, ANSI, UTF-8 and UTF-16.

Dr.Web Anti-virus Remover 11.1.2

Due to their nature, antivirus software place components and spread across the system at a much deeper level than other type of applications. Therefore, removing them from a computer might pose problems and the classic uninstalling method from the 'Programs and features' section (or 'Add/Remove programs') of Windows might sometimes fail to remove all the traces of the antivirus. As such, most security companies created their own specialized uninstalling tool to help users make sure that no traces of an antivirus remain on the computer. One example is Dr.Web Anti-virus Remover. No installation is required to use this tool.

Packer 1.0.0

Packer is an application that was created in order to help users who require to deploy virtual machines on multiple platforms, without creating new versions. It will allow them to do that by creating identical image machines based on an initial, single source configuration, through a cloning process. Packer is easy to use and automates the creation of any type of machine image. It embraces modern configuration management by encouraging you to use automated scripts to install and configure the software within your Packer-made images. Packer brings machine images into the modern age, unlocking untapped potential and opening new opportunities.