xplorer² LITE 3.2.0

xplorer² LITE is a light file managing system that supports a dual-pane layout and multiple tabs. It can be easily used by individuals of any experience level. First thing you'll notice off the bat is that Xplorer2 displays file listings from two folders at once in one window. This makes a lot of sense, since a lot of the time you're copy or moving files between folders. Also, in the far left pane, there's an easy-to-navigate directory tree of your computer. Xplorer2 makes it dead easy to work with sets of files. You can use a filter to select all the files that start with G or end in .png.

The interface of the application is familiar to the one of Windows Explorer, so you shouldn't have any problems in locating its features.

So, you can browse a focused item in a new window, view and edit file contents as text, mass rename files and folders, as well as change the type of a file.

Xplorer2 has a very extensive set of mature keyboard shortcuts. First, it's got incremental search and select for a directory listing.

Just type the first few letters of a file or folder name and Xplorer2 will instantly move down and select it in the list. Hold down the shift key to do incremental search by file extension (like Shift+tx will take you to the first .txt file in the list.)

To copy files between open folders, use F5. To navigate to a particular drive letter, use Ctrl+Shift+Letter (like Ctrl+Shift+C) to go the drive's root.

To bookmark a file, add its name to the end of the bookmark path. Then, when the bookmark is chosen, the folder will open with that particular file selected. (For instance, when I hit my "todo" bookmark, todo.txt is selected and I can hit Enter to open it.)

But you can also set a quick-bookmark, enable mirror browsing and scrolling, swap or synchronize panes, create and organize bookmarks, toggle sticky items selection mode and use a search function.

In addition, you can duplicate items, extract unformatted text from a document, toggle between horizontal and vertical pane view, select the pane style (e.g. large icons, thumbnails) and refresh contents.

Moreover, you can autosize columns, set comments, split, merge and shred files, check out folder statistics, save and export settings, verify the free space of the disk, configure keyboard shortcuts, and more.

xplorer² LITE runs on a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, includes a complete help file and daily tip.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.12MB

SHA256: b98a29254db7ea62a474c1dc5a2a32ffaa89a9a20fada9235b66fffe3f9eb399

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