Transcript 2.5.0

Transcript is a lightweight application that displays two windows in order to assist users in transcribing text from images: the first window contains the source image and the second window contains the text document. Transcript is a tool that's designed to help you to transcribe the text on digital images of documents. Transcipt has furthermore many options and additional features which are designed to help make it easier for the user to transcribe an image. By default the program remembers the exact position (and many other settings) in the text and image where you were last time and goes back to that position when you start the program.

One of the strong points of this program is its interface. Simple and unobtrusive, it is tailor-made for increased productivity.

There are no buttons in excess and the floating menus can be dismissed to create even more workspace.

The application can load most common images (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF) and TXT or RTF files can be imported. This makes it easy to append an already existing document.

Although the program does not support OCR, there are several common but useful functions, like “zoom” and “rotate”, which can help when dealing with fuzzy images. Inverting the image colors and switching to greyscale is also possible.

Another interesting feature is that the program can quickly change to the next image in the source folder. This can save a lot of time if there are multiple images to transcribe, grouped together in the same folder.

The program offers plenty of options in the area of text customization. Users can select a different font, bold, italicize, underline or strikeout their text and increase or decrease paragraph indentation.

Superscript and subscript functions are available and users can format their texts with bullets. Left, right, center or justified text alignment is also possible.

To sum up, Transcript is a very good companion if automated processes like OCR fail. It is a fail-safe alternative, and as far as manual transcribing goes, it offers the most help an application can offer. The program is easy to use and, should things bog down, the help file is at an F1 key away.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.21MB

SHA256: 6944e3ae4e19c0bda7efd0f662ef2e2bc65cc488a89af6303f3cbde80b2eed5a

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