Portable Double Commander 0.8.0

Portable Double Commander is a software application which helps you browse through your computer with great ease, as well as manage all your files and folders in a more efficient manner. This is the portable version of Double Commander, meaning you are not required to install it on your computer. As a consequence, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be affected by this tool. In other words, this tool enables you to quickly manage multiple files at a time, by displaying the contents of your hard drive in two side-by-side panels. Given this is a portable tool, simply execute start using it. No need to install it.

Graphical YouTube-DL 2.1.4

Graphical YouTube-DL is an easy-to-use Windows application that facilitates a clean and intuitive interface for downloading videos from YouTube. It represents a graphical interface for youtube-dl. It can save videos with the MP4 or MKV format (depending on how the clips were uploaded) as well as extract audio streams to create MP3 audio tracks. The tool is also capable of downloading and saving music from SoundCloud. In other words and simply stated, you can download YouTube clips and optionally turn them into MP3 audio tracks using this graphical interface for the youtube-dl command-line tool.

AppCompactor 3.4.0

AppCompactor is a Free portable tool that allows you to compress applications to increase the applications performance when running from a slow media. AppCompactor enables it's user to compress an applications DLLs, EXEs and other binary files. you can decompress the binary files that were compressed using the tool as well. It has been noted that AppCompactor can reduce an applications size by as much as 50%. In other words and simply stated, you can reduce your application's size by converting them into their portable versions with this lightweight application that comes with a wizard-like interface.