DomainScan 7.21

DomainScan is a non-intrusive and real-time network monitoring application with a suite of built-in tools, which makes DomainScan a unique and very useful tool for network monitoring and support tasks. This network monitor tracks computers and users in real time. DomainScan also works as an audit and logging tool, which makes it a useful tool for system administrators and support personnel. Tools include a WMI browser, network search tools, domain report, port test and a hardware browser. Everything is presented in an easy-to-learn user interface, and because of the fact that DomainScan is using existing network technologies, no client software needs installing.

Digital Clock Portable 4.5.6

Digital Clock Portable is a lightweight desktop enhancement utility built specifically for helping you place a digital clock on your screen. This unobtrusive tool runs quietly in the system tray until called upon when it reveals several configuration settings to tinker with. The digital clock can be moved to any area of the desktop, and you can make the clock remain on top of other windows, adjust the opacity and size, as well as change the layout of the clock by selecting from different skins, such as Vintage Digits, Binary Clock, Origami Style, Floral Digits, and others.

EF Commander Free 9.50

EF Commander is a powerful and multi-featured file manager witch a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals, will find easy to use. Here are some key features of EF Commander: Easy to use - The modern interface helps you to have full control over your files and folders. Tabbed interface - Define just the views you need in each pane for your folders and files. Full customized - colors, fonts, user defined columns, keyboard shortcuts, icons, etc. Thumbnails - Quickly and easily get an overview your photos or other image collections. Parallel file operations - Any number of operations at the same time. Direct link to PDAs with Windows CE.

Code Browser Portable 6.2

Code Browser Portable is a handy and reliable utility created to hierarchically structure text files and especially source code ones. It makes navigation through source code faster and easier. Code Browser is especially designed to keep a good overview of the code of large projects, but is also useful for a simple css file. Ideal if you are fed up of having to scroll through thousands of lines of code. Several files can be loaded simultaneously, but in addition, several windows can be opened on the same file. This feature is very important with the folding system: It allows viewing or editing another part of your current working file; you just have to reopen a new window on it.