Account Lockout Examiner 4.1.4

There are so many cases when you merely come across a frustrating situation when you lock a user’s account, then you are notified by the administrator to unlock it because the user is still active, although he does not accessed his account for a long period. The tool comes with some useful features helping IT managers to cope with account lockouts much faster than when using native Microsoft Account Lockout and Management tools. Once an account lockout event has been detected the tool automatically alerts the help-desk staff and launches the troubleshooting process. It will analyze possible reasons for account lockouts by scanning through system services etc.

These account lockouts usually cause loss of productivity and working with billions of accounts you might get overwhelmed when you need to manage them and see which ones you should lock. Quick resolution is required in many cases, but taking all the accounts one be one takes time enough to get frustrated users.

In many cases, you might find it difficult to find the cause of lockouts, but using Account Lockout Examiner you can identify the problem and remedy it.

The application identifies lockouts in real time and allows you to proactively solve these kinds of issues. Thus, you can maintain regulatory compliance and improve the relationship between you and your clients.

What’s quite interesting is that, when a lockout occurs, all the operators receive a detailed e-mail notification with an optional link to a Web-based console where they access all the account details and operations.

Still, for secure reasons, you have the possibility to configure the e-mail alerts to be triggered only when the specified accounts are locked out.

The engine that the application comes with does its best to determine the source of the account lockout, so monitoring the time taken to solve these issues is very important when it comes to fulfilling of SLA (Service-level agreement) requirements.

These requirements refer to the contracted delivery time, and whenever a user or service starts experiencing lockout issues, you can rest assured that Account Lockout Examiner alerts administrators immediately, so the issue can get fixed due time.

All things considered, Account Lockout Examiner is a practical and effective asset designed for resolving your account lockout problems effortlessly.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
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Size: 4.74MB

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