Windows Repair Toolbox Portable 1.9.0

Windows Repair Toolbox is a small portable tool which makes it easier to find and fix many common Windows problems. The program doesn't contain any real troubleshooting technology itself. Instead, it acts as a simple front end for various third-party utilities and Windows commands. The Tools tab, for example, provides buttons for HWMonitor, HWiNFO, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, Ninite, PatchMyPC, Snappy Driver, Autoruns, Process Explorer, FixWin, Recuva, Geek Uninstaller, chkdsk, sfc, Regedit and more. Windows Repair Toolbox doesn't come bundled with any of these, fortunately. Instead, when you click something like Recuva, the program goes online.

Code Browser 6.2

It’s one thing to write code from scratch, and another to edit key areas of existing code. For the latter situation, you can rely on Code Browser, a simple and intuitive app that allows you to access and edit source code files in an efficient manner. This friendly piece of software allows you to quickly structure source code, by folding it with markers or syntax. As a result, you can add new sections and copy various portions of code to them. Code Browser lets you work with a wide array of programming languages and a file can be shown in several tabs. There is also support for syntax highlighting so you can identify errors with ease.

PC Screen Capture 2.01

PC Screen Capture is one free powerful, lightweight, full-featured screen capture tool for Windows platform, It allows you to take screenshots from any part of your screen in four ways, you can capture full desktop, active window, selected area and selected object, and save images in BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG formats. PC Screen Capture is very easy to use and user friendly! If you need save the images as png/jpg/gif image format, just input one png/jpg/gif file name, such as "1.png", "1.jpg" or "1.gif". In other words and simply stated, you can capture the screen (full screen, area, object, active window) and save it to popular image files with this small-sized and portable tool.

AnVir Task Manager Free 8.1.2

AnVir Task Manager Free can monitor processes, services, startup programs; replace Task Manager. You can get rid of spyware and viruses that your antivirus missed. It enhances and tunes up XP, Vista or Windows 7.AnVir Task Manager provides convenience by offering all of its features in a single interface. It saves money because users won't have to buy multiple packages to perform a family of related tasks. The Free edition can speed up Windows startup process, limit the CPU usage of processes that eat a lot of CPU, Find locked files and DLL, graph of processor, memory and disk activity for each process and for computer, and compatible with all popular antivirus.

Psiphon 3.0

Psiphon is a special type of software that helps make sure that the Internet truly is the free place that it is intended to be. The programme breaks through government blocks and restrictions on sites to make sure everyone can have access to the content they want. Most of us have come against the problem from time to time of trying to access a website only to find that it has been blocked by the government or another authority. This can be a particular problem when travelling as many governments around the world closely control the information their citizens can access. Psiphon is actually able to bypass government blocks so that all of the sites on the net can be accessed.

Fing 3.0

Fing is the command line tool for network and service discovery. Taking advantage of a brand new cross-platform network engine, it reaches an impressive discovery sharpness and speed: you're going to discover your whole network in few seconds and generate customized real-time reports. The network discovery provides you a complete view of any network in a very short time Fing smart discovery automatically detects the network type and uses the best technique to take the picture of it. In short, Fing is a tool whose main purpose is to help users to scan their network, find all the connected devices and display information such as IP and Mac address.

APE 1.5

Before uploading all your creations on social networks, you probably take the time to make some adjustments, crop, enhance colors, or apply different effects. In this regard, applications like APE want to make the process easy, intuitive, and flexible, with a large collection of drawing tools and effects. With no setup required, you can easily deploy it on a thumb drive to carry around along with your collection. Moreover, registry entries are not modified in the process, so neither is the stability of the computer you use it on. In other words, this tool allows you to edit pictures by using different drawing tools, layer management, and an abundance of effects.

Corsair SSD Toolbox 1.2.5

Corsair SSD Toolbox provides everything you need to manage your Corsair SSD including TRIM, secure erase and drive cloning. The main screen at launch shows the drive information of single drives attached to the system. Other drives will appear in the drive information window, but the core functionality is restricted to authorized Corsair SSDs. RAID volumes will not be seen as single drives as the tool cannot address them individually. You can do firmware updates, SMART monitoring, send TRIM commands, secure erase your drive and more. Most importantly for new owners, you can clone your drive to get your new Crucial SSD up and running.

Freeraser Portable 1.0.0

Freeraser Portable is a lightweight application built specifically for helping you delete files from your computer. Since this is the portable version of Freeraser, you can copy the program on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to remove files and folders from a hard drive. In other words, this is a lightweight and portable tool that is able to delete files from your computer easily and securely, while providing three different modes for helping you carry out the task. Once you run the tool, Freeraser Portable places a small bin on the desktop, and you can access all its options with a simple right-click on the program’s icon.

Double Commander 0.7.8

Double Commander is a straightforward and effective software solution that helps you to browse your personal files and folders in a more efficient way. The main window of the application is separated by two panels side by side that allow you to view the content of two different partitions and browse through folders with ease. For each file, image or folder, details such as name, extension, size, date and attributes are displayed in the list. In other words, this tool is a powerful file management utility that helps you to browse for specific files in two different partitions and easily compare directories. Simply stated, this is a very easy to use file management tool.

Portable Not Another PDF Scanner 2.5.3

Not Another PDF Scanner is a portable tool that enables you to quickly and easily scan your paper documents and save them to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and other file formats. The tool has been designed to be extremely simple to use. After you configure the scanner you want to use, the interface displays thumbnails of all the documents you have scanned and provides buttons to save them to PDF or image format. There are also options to rotate, flip and arrange your scanned files. If you have a local email program installed, you can also send scanned documents as email attachments with the click of a button. No installation is required to use this tool.

Swift Form HTML Generator 5.2

In spite of the fact that many elements enable interaction with your website, HTML forms allow users to send data to the website. While they are quite convenient, creating the code for them can sometimes be slightly tedious, especially if you do not have too much experience in this sense. Swift Form HTML Generator is an application designed to automatically generate the code for the HTML forms you desired according to your specifications. In other words and simply stated, you can seamlessly create various HTML elements like buttons, checkboxes or a radio to integrate into your HTML code using this application.

CinemaDrape Portable 2.1.0

CinemaDrape helps you focus on your current task on the screen (such as a video in a web page, a photo or a document editor area) by instantly blanking or dimming the other less important areas in a web page or in the background windows. With CinemaDrape you no longer have to manually clean up your working screen area, close windows, or watch lower resolution videos in full screen mode just to get rid of disturbing side elements or ads. CinemaDrape is easy to start: just move your mouse over the area you want to focus on and press your own favorite custom keyboard combination. This works in any Web browser or in any other program you are using.

Ping Tester 1.4

PingTester is a visual network test tools, it can store a list of IP addresses, URL, and network test commands to increase the working efficiency, Ping Tester can perform a verification with a single click. With Ping Tester you can also 'ping sweep' subnets or interval ping all the hosts on a list continuously, and Traceroute a list hosts at the same time, save the individual ping or tracer records to a .txt or Excel file, and Ping Tester is capable of generating statistics report which are collected by specified time interval, so that you can know the network connection status of each period. The IP Scanner function can quick scan a group of IPs to find the IP in use.

Portable ChordEase 1.0.1

Portable ChordEase makes it easier to improvise over complicated chord progressions. No matter what the chords are, you can play as if they were all in the key of C. You don't need to play sharps or flats, because ChordEase automatically adds them for you. Though ChordEase is intended for jazz, it could be useful for any type of music that modulates frequently. ChordEase alters your notes in real time in order to make them harmonically correct, while preserving their rhythm and dynamics. By delegating rapid music theory calculations to ChordEase, you gain freedom to concentrate on other aspects of improvisation and performance, such as feel and aesthetics.

Universal USB Installer 1.9.7

Universal USB Installer (UUI) is a Live Linux USB Creation tool, which lets you choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to add to a USB Flash Drive. Universal USB Installer is easy to use; simply choose a Live Linux Distribution, select the ISO file, and your Flash Drive and then click Install. Upon completion, you will have a bootable USB Flash Drive with your selected operating system installed, ready to run. If you are not aware, ‘Live’ distributions of Linux provide a wonderful glimpse into the open-source OS. Universal USB Installer provides a simple solution to the problems surrounded with booting Linux directly from a CD.

Bytescout Screen Capturing 2.1.0

Bytescout Screen Capturing can record screen video to AVI. It allows you to easily capture full screen, region around the mouse cursor or selected rectangular area. Screen Capturing automatically saves screen recording as AVI video file. The screen recorder also supports audio recording which can be disabled in Settings dialog window if required. Thus, you can capture screen video to AVI with sound. In other words, this is a tool that captures activity on the screen for the entire display, custom region, or following the mouse, as well as from a connected webcam with output saved as WMV or AVI. Suited to professionals and novices alike.

EasyCMD 1.01

EasyCMD was designed by the creator of Win.Privacyto give users and alternative user-friendly interface to the Command Prompt (CMD), or DOS as some of us know it. It isn't anything complicated and much like the DOS prompt; you simply need to type in whatever you like and click execute or enter. Hence, there's only one screenshot because there's nothing else to show. One problem is that it really brings nothing to the table. Perhaps future versions might add quick access to commonly used DOS commands as well as a list of the more frequently used DOS commands for the less experienced, for example. Otherwise, most geeks will be happy to just use the command prompt.

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 1.8.9

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt application specially designed to help you with your trigonometry calculations. Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is an application that will help you solve advanced calculations with scientific notation and amplitudes in positive and negative arguments. It provides users with a full quality calculator and results with decimal or scientific notations. Simply enter your complex math expression on its integrity and in the final press “Enter” button, after some instants the solution for your expression will be displayed. Anyone can use this calculator since the syntax used is very similar with scientific calculators.

Silver Key Free Edition USB 4.8.3

Silver Key Free Edition USB is a portable tool that allows you to password protect files and folders in your external USB drive. This program is portable, which means it needs no installation. Just place the .exe file in the pen drive and run.Silver Key Free Edition USB uses a wizard based GUI so to protect your files and folders you just have to follow in program step by step instructions. Silver Key Free Edition USB can create self decrypting files which means the don't need to run Silver Key to open them. To open the protected files and folders all you have to do is remember the password.

AMP Font Viewer 3.86

As you may think after reading its name, AMP Font Viewer is a Windows font manager that puts users in control of all fonts on your computer, allowing them to remove, install or view any of them. AMP Font Viewer is an easy to use but powerful Font Manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. It can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories. It's an Intuitive piece of software which enables users to view, organize, install, delete and print fonts, featuring many handy options. Given the simplicity of this tool, it's suited to both professionals and novices alike.

Portable SmartSniff 2.27

Portable SmartSniff is a TCP/IP packet capture program that allows you to inspect network traffic that passes through your network adapter. The two pane interface displays the captured packet and detailed information in ASCII or Hex view below. Additional features include color coding of local and remote traffic, export to HTML, capture filters and more. Portable SmartSniff is a network analysis/dignostic tool that allows you to capture TCP/IP packets that pass through your network adapter. You can view the captured data as sequence of conversations between clients and servers in ASCII mode (for text-based protocols, like HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and FTP) or as hex dump.

Freegate 7.61

Freegate is the most popular circumvention proxy anonymity software used in China that helps millions daily. Many students, tourists, businessmen, diplomats and journalists find Freegate indispensable during their visit in China. Many users struggle to get rid of browsing restrictions, but sooner or later they still end up in front of their computer with a long list of blocked websites. Freegate Professional lends a hand to those who cannot access certain web pages due to restrictions, providing a fast and simple way to bypass all those rules. Simply use this powerful software solution to visit your favorite pages while avoiding detection with enhanced speed and history automatically cleared.

indic-keyboards 0.2

Sure enough cultures developed differently throughout the years, each with its own language and writing style. However, modern times don’t mean there’s a universal written and spoken language, even though English is internationally used. As such, indic-keyboards comes with customizable keyboard layouts for broader writing styles. In other words and simply stated, this tool presents a Multilingual Unicode Input Method with a whole variety of preset indic input methods, as well as the possibility to create your own layouts. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it, hence no changes are made to your PC.

Apowersoft Free Screen Capture 1.3.5

Apowersoft Free Screen Capture empowers users the capability to capture the full screen, a spot of screen, an active window and more. Not only does this tool create screenshot instantly for you, it also provides editing options after you have snapped the image. Within these, you can highly customize your screenshot by using texts, shapes, lines, arrows, callouts, blurry effect and highlights along with diverse colors. Upon the creation of a snapshot, you can either save it in several image formats to local drive, or share it to your social networks. Moreover, you can also see the exact dimension, size and others of every image.

Bandizip Portable 6.0

Bandizip uses the AES-256 encryption which is one of the most secure encryption algorithms when creating the 7z or zipx file format. An archive compressed with Bandizip can be extracted using all kinds of file compression software including WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip. Bandizip allows the users to preview compressed contents with right click menu on the Windows Explore. In addition, Users directly see an image file contained in compressed ZIP, RAR, 7Z, LZH or TAR files without extracting. Another advantage of Bandizip is that it fully supports Unicode to ensure international characters are displayed for filenames in archives.

SpeedyiTunes 2.8.1

There are still many users who use iTunes as their tool of choice for multimedia entertaining, be it watching movies, listening to music or downloading their preferred videos and audio tracks. For those who wish to take a step further and enhance the capabilities of their favorite media manager, some specialized applications have been developed. With SpeedyiTunes Premium, downloading a TV Show episode usually takes just 20 minutes at a 5M connection. YouTube/FLV convertion, 1-click converting your saved YouTube/FLV videos for your iPod, iPhone and PSP. It's a handy utility that will make it possible for you to greatly optimize the process of downloading multimedia.

recover_mp4 1.86

recover_mp4 can come in handy if you want to recover audio and video streams from corrupted or damaged files. While its name suggests otherwise, recover_mp4 does not support MP4 files only, as it can process MOV and 3GP media files. recover_mp4 can recover H.264/AVC stream from unfinalized MP4/MOV files without (or empty) header. You may got the unfinalized file in case of damaging camcorder during recording or such. This utility has been tested with files recorded by GoPro, but it may work with other camcorders too. Command line tool. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it and no changes are made to your PC.

FreeFixer 1.14

FreeFixer is a general purpose removal tool which will help you to delete potentially unwanted software, such as adware, spyware, trojans, viruses and worms. FreeFixer works by scanning a large number of locations where unwanted software has a known record of appearing or leaving traces. The scan locations include the programs that run on your computer, the programs that starts when you reboot your computer, your browser's plug-ins, your home page setting, etc. FreeFixer does not know what is unwanted, so it presents the scan result and it's up to you decide if some file should be removed and if some settings should restored to their default value.

TagEZ 3.0.0

If you are the kind of user who hoards impressive amounts of photos on their computer, finding the time to put them in order may be tricky. That is why you may want to consider employing a software utility in this respect, with tagEZ offering to do precisely that for you. A household have at least 5 cameras in some form. Everybody likes to take picture but no one have time & energy to organize them. TagEZ automatically organize your digital photos so you can quickly find a photo whether it’s 2 days old or 20 years old. Your photo stays on your PC only. In other words, this tool effortlessly auto-organizes your photos that can react to commands you send remotely, via email.