Quick Access Popup 8.1

Quick Access Popup, an updated version of Folders Popup, provides you with the means to open folders on Windows quickly with just a mouse-click. The main idea behind the program is to provide Windows users with the means to access popular folders and custom folders easily from anywhere. You may have encountered situations before where you need to click several times in Windows Explorer or in an open/save dialog to navigate to the folder you are looking for. The sidebar and favorites listing helps in newer versions of Windows, but they too cannot cover all the different locations that you may need to access quickly.

Quick Access Popup provides you with a comfortable method of quickly accessing frequently used folders in your computer, without having to browse for their location in Windows Explorer. Practically, it allows you to create your own, personalized menu that contains shortcuts to favorite and special folders.

Its main purpose is to help you improve your workflow and become more productive by saving the time needed for navigating to a certain location in your computer.

The application runs silently in the system tray, allowing you to configure its behavior using the context menu. The 'Settings' section is where the configuration process takes place. Here, you can change the content of your personalized menu and organize items as you feel fit.

New folders can be easily added to the shortcut pane and existing items can be removed with just a click. You can change the item order, include separator lines in the generated menu, as well as assign a representative name to each folder, for identification purposes.

The created menu is displayed by pressing the middle mouse button in any active Explorer window or dialog box (the most popular dialog boxes are supported, but new ones can easily be added).

It allows you to quickly select the directory to navigate to from the list and offers you a faster alternative to adding an entry to the shortcut list.

Aside from the user-defined directories, the application supports some special folders by default, namely Desktop, My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, Documents, Pictures and Control Panel.

Quick Access Popup can come in handy to anyone that uses the computer on a daily basis. It allows you to have all the folders at your fingertips and does not bother you while working. It is a convenient way to jump instantly from one folder to another, without having to look for the new location.

Platform: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.35MB

SHA256: 211edec938738471312646658a87ef3302d94020849cdf1e50f6441cbc20be26

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