Portable mp3Manager 4.0.6

Music enthusiasts will always have to deal with the problem of duplicates. However, specialized software can solve their problems and keep an organized music collection. Portable mp3Manager can help you organize your tracks and provides a means of finding the right file for the mood. This application is meant to a be a powerful manager of your mp3 formatted music collection. On first start it asks you for your music directories, starting with system default folders, these locations can be altered later. mp3Manager will scan these folders automatically or by request, adding details about all mp3 files into a database. The main window allows you to list all your files.

Right from the beginning you are prompted to specify a list of locations that contain your musical preferences, after which you can start organizing your music using the comprehensive array of filters: artist, title, album, genre, date last accessed, rating, comments and custom tags.

The most useful feature is the list option, in which you can add various types of tracks, based on any of the filters mentioned above.

By using the list method, you can create playlists and export them to media players or physically move the contents to a specified location. This means you will always have an organized music collection.

This type of software usually comes with a renaming capabilities and Portable mp3Manager is no exception. At any given time, you can modify the name your tracks.

Another important feature worth mentioning is the duplicate finder that discovers identical files or those with high similarity regarding artist and title. Unfortunately, the application does not provide a built-in deleting option.

The software can be used right after you unzip the compressed folder. This means you can carry your copy on a USB and use it regardless of the computer you are working on. However, the greatest drawback is the fact that mp3Manager support only MP3 files. It cannot handle other types of audio, which might prove a deal breaker for experienced users.

In conclusion, this software application might prove useful for the right user. It offers a few valuable features and it is limited in other areas. It is free to use and can help users tidy up their MP3 collections.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.66MB

SHA256: 96605a636c174645d68880fb5252c43315681b741c3d86db10b57199b0e5f0c0

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