Playfire 0.0.72

While gaming can be a great way to spend your time, sometimes you might want to find an efficient way of managing your game library on your computer. In the situation depicted above, third-party applications such as Playfire can help you achieve convenient results in an effortless manner by providing you with all the necessary features. This program fashions a browser-like interface that enables you to navigate between its features in an intuitive manner. This feature makes its controls to be highly accessible even for users that have no previous experience with similar apps. You can manage your game library, track your in-game progress, get rewards for playing and more.

Basically, the main window is a wrapper for the Playfire website, as all the components are available directly in the app: "Blog," "Buzz," "Discuss," "Charts" and "Rewards."

Despite the fact that you can link your Steam account to this application, games, friends, achievements and statistics are not synchronized and there is no way that you can do so.

This application enables you to manage your game library, but the content must be purchased from the Green Man Gaming store and synchronized with your GMG account.

One of the features that make Playfire stand out is the reward system. You can play games and perform a series of actions, and the application will reward you with units that you can spend in the store mentioned above to buy new content.

From the main window of the application, you can access this service by simply clicking the "Rewards" tab and select the category you're interested into.

Aside from letting you manage your game collection, this app also enables you to track your game progress and statistics. Additionally, you can customize your profile and link other social media accounts such as Facebook to stay in touch with your friends.

There's no built-in chat service, but you can access a message system that resembles the one used on forums, where you can compose texts and send them to the contacts of your choice.

All in all, if you're looking for a game library tool that rewards you for playing games and performing various actions, you can count on Playfire. Its simple interface makes it easy to operate even by novices.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 21.8MB

SHA256: d8e9893d22a7aff3e7b45045784e378a674a90762a1bc578a25fea42b19635af

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