NxFilter 4.0.2

Looking for a good enough Web Filter and DNS tool? Then NxFilter might just be the thing for you. This tool allows for monitoring Internet on your home network with ease. To make things even better, the tool is capable of blocking Botnet and malware using DNS inspection. Yes, many of the new routers incorporate an ability to protect against incoming attacks via a firewall, among other things. However, these filters are generally limited, and thus, are not good enough for extreme cases, which is why a tool designed for these type of things are needed. The freeware even provides a complete log of everything that passes through the browser, which may come in handy should an attack occur.

NxFilter is a comprehensive software application for monitoring and examining the HTTP traffic in your network, as well as for restricting access to websites.

Although it may seem easy to handle, the tool actually requires some experience with networking tools, since it's mostly designed for administrators and other IT specialists.

This is a Java-based app that doesn't need any other setup, as long as Java is installed on the PC. This means that you can store it anywhere on the hard disk to be able to work with NxFilter.

By accessing the "Network and Sharing Center panel", you can choose the TCP / IP protocol to configure for using a specific DNS server address. Since the program is actually a forwarding DNS server, you can apply the exact method of setting up a DNS server for user systems.

However, you should keep in mind that NxFilter features a console interface for updating the required folders, which means that you have to be familiarized with switches. By downloading the additional libraries (specified on the website) and configuring the installed services afterward, you can finally get the DNS server up and running.

From this point on, NxFilter can be accessed from any web browser by visiting its dashboard in the local host. It displays two graphs with the traffic and block trend, giving you the possibility to block remote hosts based on IP addresses, LDAP or password authentication method, in order to prevent suspected malware attacks, for example.

You can get notifications about the user who tried to access blocked webpages, as well as create a list with as many users are necessary to associate them to IP addresses.

Furthermore, it is possible to manage policy information, create a whitelist by domain, check out a list with known phishing websites, edit request details, as well as generate and study daily reports.

Considering all of the above, NxFilter proves to be a reliable DNS filtering application that enables you to monitor and restrict permissions for all Internet activity, as well as to detect and block malware or botnet activity by analyzing the DNS packet.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 12.9MB

SHA256: d5abc3aa8049908de425a4875cd43a4ee70a08d7acded5e6977e7849fcc5817d

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