Secure File Delete 2.01

This free tool will safely erase content of any removed file forever, so nobody will be capable to recover it even using special programs. Content of deleted documents will be overwritten using arbitrary data: you can select many safety algorithms for data elimination, such as Gutman, DDOD, GOST and others. The software can write a mix of ones and zeroes onto every hard disk sector. You can select to repeat overwrite from 1 to 50 times. Also, the user interface is very simpler, but the software is very professional and string: it's filled of security features. With this software there is no need to overwrite all free drive space, which normally takes many hours.

Making sure that your personal data is secure could sometimes prove challenging, especially when your files are located on an old hard drive that you want to dispose off.

Granted, you can delete these files using the default options that Windows comes with, but that does not ensure that others won't be able to recover data. Secure File Delete is one of the programs that can help you securely erase your files and keep your data safe.

The application comes with an intuitive interface that has been designed in the form of a wizard, thus making it very easy for you to erase your data. Even those of you who do not possess advanced computer knowledge can take full advantage of the tool's capabilities.

To get started, you need to select a folder or a single file that you want to delete securely, and then to choose the deletion method. The tool automatically applies the selected settings and keeps your privacy untouched.

To ensure that your data is kept safe, the application overwrites data on top of the hard disk sectors where the original files were stored. Thus, any remaining data becomes unreadable and can no longer be recovered successfully.

For increased protection, the program can overwrite file content with random characters several times and can also delete all records of the location of the file blocks. It can also rename the file and remove any timestamps associated with it and allows you to select the manner in which random characters are generated.

The software secures your privacy by overwriting characters on top of it but includes support for only a few secure deletion methods, which might not fulfill your needs at all times. In fact, other people might be able to recover the deleted files, albeit these files would be empty.

One other drawback of the application is the fact that it does not allow you to erase previously deleted data, such as files that have been moved to Recycle Bin. You cannot use it to securely delete files that have been previously deleted using conventional methods.

All in all, Secure File Delete is a simple, snappy program for erasing files from a hard disk in a secure manner. It does not allow your to clear previously deleted files and folders, but it can overwrite random characters on top of the data it removes, which should prevent successful recovery.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.46MB

SHA256: 2dfa1aafd31fbc59bc28e322cb0e72bb4665a8703746556f06e34712abd75ddd

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