Real Moving Optical Illusions 1.0

Aside from using it for work-related purposes, your computer can help you spend your free time by providing you with various entertainment solutions. For instance, you can rely on third-party software, such as Real Moving Optical Illusions, that can help you break your daily routine. Welcome to the animated optical illusion app that turns any static image into an animation - simply by tilting your device or touching your screen. Show your kids the magic, or trick your friends minds. Check out our optical illusions videos on YouTube or try our demo on Facebook. This app is simple, fun, and absolutely magical. This allows you to various animated optical illusions on your PC.

Real Moving Optical Illusions is a lightweight application that comes with a minimalistic, visually unappealing user interface that provides you with comprehensive controls. Therefore, it makes it possible for a broad range of users to benefit from its abilities with minimum difficulty.

Despite its lack of any form of help documentation, you can enjoy its functions effortlessly, regardless of your computer operating skills.

You can use this application if you are interested in optical illusions, such as the Delboeuf, Hering or Ehrenstein ones. This program allows you to choose from several animated optical illusions and displays them on your screen.

Switching to the next illusion can be achieved effortlessly, by left-clicking inside the main window.
Aside from allowing you to view animated optical illusions, this utility also enables you to pause the animation anytime you want, without difficulty. In order to achieve that, you just need to right-click inside the main window, similarly to skipping to another illusion.

Instructions for the two core functions of this application are displayed on its main window, thus adding to its overall simplicity and accessibility.

To wrap this up, Real Moving Optical Illusions is a lightweight application that allows you to display animated optical illusions on your computer screen. It comes with a minimalistic, attractive user interface and features easy-to-understand controls.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.91MB

SHA256: 6c9cd65a0af507940178b48f53a5613377216c289c647baab1a2e902b080f34a

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