Portable DVD Drive Repair 1.0.2

Portable DVD Drive Repair is a useful application that allows you to restore your DVD (Optical) Drive if missing from Windows. In some instances, it can also help when certain applications do not recognize your drive; mostly when your computer encountered a hardware problem or a virus attack that prevents it from using the DVD Drive. When your DVD Drive is not recognized by Windows even if it is functional, normally you consider reinstalling Windows or restoring it to a previously functional version using System Restore. However, this will not be necessary when using this tool. DVD Drive Repair intends to help you avoid taking radical measures.

Sometimes it might happen that Windows does not recognize the DVD drive anymore or the drive icon goes missing.

Experts find it easy to look up for ways to solve this problem by interacting with the system's registry and the command prompt. However, most users find this endeavor difficult, so a more straightforward approach to the issue is needed. Here is where Portable DVD Drive Repair comes on the scene.

Designed as an install-free edition of DVD Drive Repair, this utility does not interfere with the registry's configuration and can be launched directly from a removable device.

Aiming to provide a solution that is as simple as possible, Portable DVD Drive Repair features a one-window interface where all the functions are stored, including brief usage instructions.

Before starting to repair the drive using Portable DVD Drive Repair, you should take the time to make sure a system restore point is created.

Whether you generate it from the usual location in Control Panel, or directly via the Portable DVD Drive Repair's main window, a restore point is your safety net in case something goes wrong.

Another problem that might cause this behavior of the DVD drive is the outdated firmware for the drive. Therefore, before going any further, you are advised to make sure the firmware is up-to-date.

Portable DVD Drive Repair even displays a link where you can look for and grab the latest firmware version for your drive model.

If nothing works, you can then attempt to address the issue using Portable DVD Drive Repair and then restarting your PC.

Another problem that you might find a solution for in Portable DVD Drive Repair is related to the autorun feature. This application is configured to safeguard your PC against the autorun virus, also providing options to reset the Autorun option on the target drive.

Considering the above, you can say that Portable DVD Drive Repair is a good solution when the DVD drive is not displayed, especially if you are not so familiar with the registry and the command console.

Whether it will succeed or not, the method it offers to repair DVD drive-related problems is easy and fast and, ultimately, worth trying.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.07MB

SHA256: 7d488190d75442ecdd468b66987b5d72136f85380b227a96164e184fb2607a75

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