I'll Find Files for You 1.5.2

I'll Find Files for You will help you find files on your computer when you don't remember exactly where they were located. It will perform searches based on your answers to simple questions regarding the file for which you're looking. Alternatively, you can skip the basic questions and go straight to the "advanced mode." Key Features: Search for files by answering simple questions; Advanced search filters available; Fast searching of local drives; Search mapped network drives; Convenient "copy to desktop" and "open" buttons. In other words, this is a lightweight and very simple and use application that can help you swiftly find any and all files.

I'll Find Files for You is a practical and intuitive application created to search and locate documents on your computer or the mapped network drives, enabling you to identify the items matching your criteria and copy them to your desktop.

The program’s functioning is based on a series of very simple questions to which you need to provide answers, picking them from the available options. As such, you can pick the drive your file might have been on, or you can choose ‘I Don’t Know’, in which case the entire computer will be analyzed.

Subsequently, you can offer more information about the root folder it was stored on and input the file’s name or just a part of it. Pressing on ‘Find It!’ will prompt the tool to begin rummaging through your PC, retrieving the matching files in a dedicated window.

If the results are too numerous, you can narrow down your search by adjusting the ‘Advanced Options’. This way, you can specify the file extension or the last modification date (a date range), even being able to include or exclude system folders from the task.

Once the ‘Results’ window is displayed, you can browse through the entries, open a specific file or its storage folder, as well as copy a selected item to your desktop, for good measure.

To sum it up, I'll Find Files for You is a useful and effective piece of software that you can take with you wherever you may need to search for documents, locating them in little to no time, thus allowing you to carry on your work uninterrupted.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 142KB

SHA256: 7c02d0bfedf707d19ca307db591377ac3902aad5ee75c0c1e265eeb9531b1601

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