BowPad Portable 2.3.1

With so many options for text editors and full-fledged programming development suites available these days for coders, it really just comes to the level of comfort and knowledge of a particular language when choosing which editor to use. BowPad is one of the options, providing support for some of the most popular programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Perl and even C++. BowPad provides syntax highlighting (or color coding). It also includes integrated web search allowing you to highlight a word and then perform a Google search for help or directly with Wikipedia. BowPad also includes support for bookmarks, code commenting etc.

Code editors are usually encumbered by other complicated tools and add-ins, such as compilers, libraries and many other plugins designed for large projects.

But if you only need to view and modify a few source code files at a time, all the other utilities only serve to slow you down and complicate your task.

BowPad Portable enables you to view and edit almost any kind of code file you might come across, including web programming scripts like Javascript, PHP or ASP, but also fully-featured languages like C++, Java and Fortran.

The application can automatically detect the language used throughout the document and adjust its highlighting settings to fit the available commands and arguments. You can also insert comments into the code using the dedicated button, which transforms the selected text into a comment block.

If you happen to get stuck on a word you do not understand, BowPad Portable enables you to search for it on the Internet or directly on Wikipedia.

Although this does not happen in the application's own interface, since it needs to open a separate browser window, it is still faster than performing the search manually.

You can create bookmarks throughout the code file and jump from one to another at the press of a button, making it extremely easy to navigate large documents. The “Find” and “Go to” functions can also be used to surf and search the file for specific terms and phrases.

BowPad Portable is a handy utility fit for any coder who needs a simple tool to view and edit various types of source code files.

The lightweight and straightforward interface is easy-to-use and does not interfere with your work, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the task at hand.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.73MB

SHA256: 46861fc677717c20e002b43b1d1b1653bf949f60d170af94acf9d7f1c59d63ad

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