SecureMyBit 2.0

SecureMyBit bundles together a handful of functions, chief among them being the ability to encrypt/decrypt files or folders. This is done by simply dragging and dropping a file or folder onto SecureMyBit’s interface. Drag & drop the file you want to encrypt, enter a password, and presto, you’ve encrypted the file. Take an encrypted file, drag & drop it, enter the password, and SecureMyBit will decrypt it. It really is that simple. SecureMyBit can do a few other things: generate passwords that contain letters, numbers special characters and even whitespaces; enter a password and SecureMyBit will tell you if it’s strong or not; securely delete and a lot more.

mp3Manager 4.0.6

This application is meant to a be a powerful manager of your mp3 formatted music collection. On first start it asks you for your music directories, starting with system default folders, these locations can be altered later. mp3Manager will scan these folders automatically or by request, adding details about all mp3 files into a database. The main window allows you to list all your files filtered by a variety of fields and ordered in different ways. One of the basic features of mp3Manager is creation and maintenance of lists. Music lists can be used internally in the application, exported to Winamp style playlists or used to physically copy selected files to a given target directory.

ColorVeil Portable 3.0.2

ColorVeil allows you to add a colored filter over your entire desktop for saving you from eye strain, or simply for a fun or nostalgic screen view. You can use different colors to express your mood, or you can dim your screen to reduce your screen brightness, even below its lowest available setting. This ColorVeil feature helps you reduce eye strain, especially at night, and may help save battery on notebooks and tablets. ColorVeil is simple to use; one click to tint your screen with beautiful random colors. One slide to try different transparency levels. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it, hence no changes are made to your PC.

BluetoothLogView 1.12

BluetoothLogView monitors the activity of Bluetooth devices around you, and maintains a log of all devices that are within reach. Every time a new Bluetooth device enters/leaves your range, a new log line is added that includes the Device Name, Device Address, Event Time, Event Type, Device Type and more. There is an option to add a custom description to each device, making it easier to recognize. You description is saved in a .cfg file and applied each time the device is within range. In other words, this is a simple-to-use yet powerful tool that helps you log the activity of Bluetooth devices (e.g. device name and address) and save the information to HTML file format.

MyImgur Portable 3.86

MyImgur Portable is the handy capture and uploader tool for Windows. 1-click actions and simple settings to quickly capture areas of your screen send them to Imgur for sharing, or select a few files from your computer and drag them to Imgur to have them sent in a batch without any further actions. Features include full Imgur account support (upload to selected album, create or delete albums, and delete all albums pictures), context-menu for right-click on pictures > Send to Imgur, batch uploads, drop all your pictures in the window and they'll be automatically queued, smart settings to automatically adjust picture quality or size for faster uploads and more.

O&O ShutUp10 10.1.5

O&O ShutUp10 is a privacy tool that provides you with full control over which functions in Windows 10 you choose to use and how far data gets shared. The power of privacy is right at your fingertips - choose which unwanted functions you wish to deactivate. You will be able to select from almost 50 options to tailor your Windows 10 experience to your own privacy comfort level. The program does offer to create a system restore point, which is advised when tinkering around, just in case you want to undo what you have tweaked (or rendered a broken mess) as well as an option to restore Windows 10's default privacy settings.

LangOver 5.4.0

LangOver helps in case you write some text and forgot to click ALT+SHIFT or CAPSLOCK. Annoying, eh? That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language. LangOver will fix it. With LangOver 5.0 you'll be able to convert your text quickly between languages. Just Click "F10" and your text will be fixed! LangOver 5 is free and Supports any language. Use F10 (For mix-up between languages) Just click F10 - and your text will be fixed. In other words, you can easily translate texts and search the Internet using Google by pressing hotkeys, with the help of this easy to use system tray tool. No installation is required to use this tool.

Polarity 9.1.0

Polarity is a feature packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable web browser that offers the latest web standards. Powered by both Chromium and Trident, Polarity supports the latest web standards along with backwards compatibility. With hardware acceleration and WebGL support in both engines, Polarity delivers an immersive experience that puts the web first. This browser is designed with efficiency in mind to be able to run on lower end hardware such as tablets and older PCs. Even with less processing power, Polarity is still able to deliver optimal performance while keeping RAM usage and CPU temps low.

Portable Alternate Archiver 3.35

Portable Alternate Archiver is an easy-to-use file manager for archiving and renaming multiple files, and more. You will be able to tame your files (documents, pictures, videos, songs, folders, etc.) within a single step that permits you to rename, archive files in a sorted folder matrix, and send files to selected recipients via email. You can select which person gets which file as an attachment without the need to create individual emails. Alternate Archiver integrates itself into the context of Windows Explorer allowing for archival operation via a simple right click. Additionally, you can drag/drop files and folders into this program.No installation is required to use this tool.

Ping Monster 1.5

Ping Monster is a freeware ping monitoring tool that comes with some alert actions including email and sound alerts and HTTP post. The interface is an old school green and black, reminiscent of the Matrix. You can enter numerous hosts to monitor and then follow up with multiple options. The first two options are the interval, in seconds, between pings and how many of these attempts before an action is triggered. Now you can set it to alert you with a sound, email or even call a URL. Any geek who's ever popped open a Command Prompt and then wish they had more options would love to have this small tool in their toolbox. It's also handy for network administrators.

Portable DVD Drive Repair 1.0.2

Portable DVD Drive Repair is a useful application that allows you to restore your DVD (Optical) Drive if missing from Windows. In some instances, it can also help when certain applications do not recognize your drive; mostly when your computer encountered a hardware problem or a virus attack that prevents it from using the DVD Drive. When your DVD Drive is not recognized by Windows even if it is functional, normally you consider reinstalling Windows or restoring it to a previously functional version using System Restore. However, this will not be necessary when using this tool. DVD Drive Repair intends to help you avoid taking radical measures.

My Family Tree 7.0.2

My Family Tree is a free genealogy application for Windows. It has been carefully designed to help you quickly create your family tree using a simple and intuitive interface.  For those just starting out investigating their family history, it provides an easy way to visualise and share your family tree with photos, stories and basic facts about each person.  More experienced genealogists will find full support for citations and evidence and options to transfer data using the GEDCOM file format. In other words, you can create your own family tree with ancestors and descendants, shape their lives by adding stories, photos, music and movies, and view different graphs.

Portable CDex 1.84

CDex converts your CD collection into a variety of popular formats and supports advanced jitter correction, volume normalization, CD database lookup (CDDB), cdparanoia tools, ID3 V1 and V2 tags, playlists (M3U and PLS), and recording from an analog input line. Formats supported include MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, WAV, MP2, Musepack, APE, VQF and more. The interface is straightforward enough to make everything easy to use even for the very beginners. It displays the disc content, along with dedicated fields to let you specify artist and album information, pick genre and year. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

Secure File Delete 2.01

This free tool will safely erase content of any removed file forever, so nobody will be capable to recover it even using special programs. Content of deleted documents will be overwritten using arbitrary data: you can select many safety algorithms for data elimination, such as Gutman, DDOD, GOST and others. The software can write a mix of ones and zeroes onto every hard disk sector. You can select to repeat overwrite from 1 to 50 times. Also, the user interface is very simpler, but the software is very professional and string: it's filled of security features. With this software there is no need to overwrite all free drive space, which normally takes many hours.

Portable Automatic Screenshotter 1.05

Portable Automatic Screenshotter is a screen capture utility for taking screenshots at regular intervals. The program runs in your system tray and takes regular screenshots of your desktop or the active window every few minutes You can customize the capture interval and also create application rules that let you skip captures when certain applications are open or only capture screenshots of specific applications. In addition, you can set capture rules that automatically suspend captures if your computer is idle, if you are playing a full-screen game or if your screensaver is running. Other features include customizable capture intervals and file name options and more.

f.lux 3.12

flux save your eyes by making your display's brightness adapt to the time of day. It makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better. f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you're in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again. Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live.

Portable Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.6

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Portable is a professional tool for creating icons, cursors, and other small pixelgraphic images. It has a wide range of features, can handle ICO/CUR/PNG/XPM/BMP/JPEG files, can create Vista(tm)-compatible, PNG compressed icons and has many filters including Drop shadow, and glow and bevel. Layer support with advanced selection handling makes it a really professional and unique freeware tool for designing pixelgraphic images. In other words, you can create icons, cursor and other similar graphic content by relying on this handy application that features a comprehensive set of functions.

Box Clock Screensaver 3.0

Do you remember square mechanical clock with arabic numerals? Now you can enjoy this clock on your desktop with our new clock screensaver. It is designed in blue and grey colors and will really save your screen. Besides we offer you very interesting animation at background and some options. Do not hurry, feel the time! Download free clock screensaver. If you want to preserve your screen's well-being for a long time, you should probably consider turning it off each time you are not using it or turn to screensavers that can prevent dead pixels by playing animations. Box Clock Screensaver is one of the software solutions that can help you achieve quick, convenient results.

LastPass Sesame 4.0.0

LastPass Sesame is a straightforward piece of software designed to improve the security of your LastPass vaults by enabling two-factor authentication on untrusted computers. It features intuitive options that can be configured with ease, even by users without previous experience with this protection method. It has been specifically designed for USB Thumb Drives and situations where you cannot "trust" the PC you are working on. Ideal for libraries, Internet Cafes, connections via wireless networks and other public places that offer access to computer systems or networks. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

Tablacus Explorer 17.2

Tablacus Explorer is a tabbed file manager. It includes extensibility add-ons, customizable association, menus, keys, mouse gestures, and alias. You can save the configuration to XML. It supports multiple language and Unicode. Tablacus Explorer offers a stylish, useful way to look at your files and doesn't have many drawbacks. It simply adds new features to the layout you're used to in order to make finding your files as easy and convenient as possible. You'll wish it was the default in Windows so you could use it all of the time. In other words, this is a tabbed file manager that you can use to organize files and directories with ease, saving your settings to XML file format.

Network Drive Control 1.14

Network Drive Control is a utility which solves the frustrating problem of wanting your network servers mapped to Windows drives in a network specific manner. Basically, NDC maps network drives network specifically on login equivalently to the way the Windows "default printer" can be set to be network specific. NDC examines the network environment after the user logs in, and based on what network it finds itself on, it will only attempt to map those drives it knows are on that network. Network Drive Control allows you to configure the automatic mapping of network drives when you logon based on the network(s) to which you are connected.

Midi2Ringtone 1.1.1

As its name suggests, Midi2Ringtone is a handy tool designed to provide you with a simple solution for converting MIDI files to ringtones. It comes in handy for those who still own an old Nokia phone model, such as 3310 or 3210. Midi2Ringtone converts MIDI files to Nokia Composer format ringtone, so you cant type it into your Nokia phone. Midi2Ringtone converts MIDI files to Nokia Composer format ringtone, so you can type it into your 3310, 3210 and other Nokia mobiles with a Composer. In other words, this is a simplistic too that helps you convert MIDI files to Nokia Composer or Nokia RTTL format ringtone, provided that the MIDI files have a single channel.

Portable yBook 2.0.1

Portable yBook is an easy to use text reader that comprises plenty of customization options and support for common formats. The application has a rather intuitive GUI, with a dedicated settings screen that lets you change paper, ink, highlight and page number colors, borders, line spacing, textures and page turn speed. It can display a book on a single page or on a side-by-side layout, while pages can be quickly changed with a single mouse click. The app supports text documents, HTML and RTF files, but it's also capable of loading compressed PDB or PRC text files. Given this is a portable too, no installation is required to use it.

SunlitGreen Photo Editor 1.5.0

SunlitGreen Photo Editor is a free, simple and handy digital photo editing software program. It lets you view, resize, rotate, apply color corrections and effects to your photos in an easy and professional way. You can open and edit multiple files, resize and crop, adjust colors, tweak levels and curves, and more. Where SunlitGreen Photo Editor stands apart from most lightweight and portable editors is support for layers and filters. It'd be a far stretch to claim it replaces high-end editors, but for simple correction work made easier by a layer or two, it's an easy to use solution. You can also modify and optimize the look of your images by applying filters, rotating or flipping them and more.

ZHPCleaner 2017.3.19

ZHPCleaner is a free portable tool which can detect and remove adware, browser hijackers, some toolbars and more. The program is very convenient to use. There's no installation, it doesn't even arrive in a ZIP file, you just download, run and hit "Scan". You might see occasional dialogs and prompts during the scan, and these aren't always straightforward. "Have you installed this server?", the program asked, displaying a couple of IP addresses we didn't recognise. What server? ZHPCleaner didn't explain, so we clicked "No" and waited to see what would happen. Once the scan completes, the program becomes more straightforward.

NetTraffic 1.38

NetTraffic is a network data rate monitoring tool. NetTraffic shows data rates on a chart and as text labels. The application logs traffic and system uptime. Statistics module presents prognosis, average rates and information about the current state. Tables and charts present statistical information from selected period (available: year, month, day, hour). NetTraffic is a lightweight program for plotting all data sent and received via your TCP/IP Network adaptors in real-time. It will actively monitor network traffic (bandwidth) on selected interfaces and displays all information on an easy-to-read graph that contains statistical usage data.

SimplySync Backup 1.3.0

SimplySync Backup is a small application that provides you with a quick and efficient method to synchronize your data and create backups for the relevant files you store on your computer. SimplySync Backup is an intuitive folder backup and synchronization tool. It works in both portable and installed mode, and is very fast and easy to use. SimplySync Backup has unique features such as the ability to update backups ensuring they contain the very same files as the source. It also performs backups in bi-directional synchronization mode, and obviously restore operations. You can effortlessly create backups for the important data on your computer.

Text2Html 2.00

Text2Html is a freeware text-to-HTML converter. This application is in designed to quickly convert many text files into HTML format. Text2HTML handles HTTP, FTP, Gopher, Telnet, WAIS, NNTP, and Mailto tags. Multiple files can be converted simultaneously. Text2Html converts text files to HTML with an easy-to-follow format that is so convenient youll want to create a desktop icon for a quicker access. Text2Html is a handy tool for text conversion. It eliminates any hassle of rewriting text files in HTML. Simply stated, you can quickly convert text documents to HTML format files with ease with options to specify visual options of content, change font and other settings.

Desktop Manager Portable 2.8.8

Desktop Manager allows you to quickly hide Windows desktop wallpaper. This can be useful when you use your laptop at work or in public. You can also use this feature when sharing your screen or using remote access tools. It may be a cliché, but it’s always the small things that make a difference, and the same applies to tweaks you resort to in order to enhance your computer’s behavior. Desktop Manager Portable is a lightweight application that seems to rely on this argument since it provides you with a series of customizations you can use in order to bring improvements to the way you interact with your PC. No installation is required to use this tool.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 15.1

ZoneAlarm's award-winning free firewall is an industry leader in the field of personal firewall - and has been for more than a decade. It stops internet attacks at the front door and catches thieves on their way out. It proactively blocks both inbound and outbound attacks, so your PC is fully protected. ZoneAlarm free firewall includes Full Stealth Mode, which makes your PC invisible to hackers, and Kill Controls, which instantly disable malicious attacks. It's easy to use and operates automatically, so you'll never be interrupted with unnecessary alerts. ZoneAlarm free firewall also comes with free Online Backup, Identity Protection, and Gamer Mode.

AppCompactor 3.2.0

AppCompactor is a portable tool that allows you to easily compress applications to decrease size on disk and increase performance when running from slow media like flash drives. It's packaged as a portable app, so you can work with your apps anywhere. It's intended primarily for developers, but advanced users will also find it useful. With the help of this tool, you can simply extract the program files to any location on the hard drive, and directly run the executable file. Furthermore, you can save your software apps to a USB flash drive, external hard drive or other similar storage unit.

Calendar Magic 19.0

Calendar Magic is a small application that displays many types of calendars and packs some additional utilities. It is certainly designed for users who want to be organized. Full year and monthly calendars for 26 different calendar systems. Alternative planning calendars. A month-by-month, side-by-side comparison of any two of the calendar systems. The display remains synchronised as you change day, month and year values in either calendar system being viewed. Date conversions among the supported calendar systems. British regnal date conversion. Lists of Western Christian, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhist, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindu, Islamic, Baha'i and more.

Quick Access Popup Portable 8.1

Quick Access Popup, an updated version of Folders Popup, provides you with the means to open folders on Windows quickly with just a mouse-click. The main idea behind the program is to provide Windows users with the means to access popular folders and custom folders easily from anywhere. You may have encountered situations before where you need to click several times in Windows Explorer or in an open/save dialog to navigate to the folder you are looking for. The sidebar and favorites listing helps in newer versions of Windows, but they too cannot cover all the different locations that you may need to access quickly.

Real Moving Optical Illusions 1.0

Aside from using it for work-related purposes, your computer can help you spend your free time by providing you with various entertainment solutions. For instance, you can rely on third-party software, such as Real Moving Optical Illusions, that can help you break your daily routine. Welcome to the animated optical illusion app that turns any static image into an animation - simply by tilting your device or touching your screen. Show your kids the magic, or trick your friends minds. Check out our optical illusions videos on YouTube or try our demo on Facebook. This app is simple, fun, and absolutely magical. This allows you to various animated optical illusions on your PC.

TagEZ Portable 3.0.0

TagEZ Portable is a lightweight application designed to sort poorly organized photographs, in order to help you find pictures easier. It's wrapped in an intuitive interface and lists only three steps that you need to follow in order to accomplish the task quickly. A household have at least 5 cameras in some form. Everybody likes to take picture but no one have time & energy to organize them. TagEZ automatically organize your digital photos so you can quickly find a photo whether it’s 2 days old or 20 years old. Your photo stays on your PC only. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it, hence no changes are made your PC.

QILING Disk Master Free 3.9.2

QILING Disk Master Free is not only a easy-to-use, free backup and recovery software solution, but also a ramdisk and partition manager software. It aiming to protect your data and improve the performance of your computer. With it, your system, files, folders, videos, music will be in a safe condition within minutes without the help of an IT specialist. It's free for private, noncommercial, home computer use only. It supports system/disk/partition/files/folders backup, restore and clone as well as provides fix boot, schedule, incremental, differential backups, backing up to NAS and shared network folder, dynamic disk volumes backup and more.

Dipiscan 2.0

Whether you need to keep track of the available ports or IP addresses in a LAN network or you want to monitor and determine the devices that are connected, network IP scanning can come in handy. Dipiscan is a networking tool. This is a lightweight software that will help you discover the full range of LAN IP addresses to detect all devices or computers connected to the network. You will be able to determine the status of computers by scanning a range of IP addresses or by entering the exact address. In addition, you can learn more about FQDN, NetBIOS name, domain user, MAC address, network adapter, server, operating system and much more.

Lake Clock Screensaver 3.0

Screensavers are software utilities designed to help you protect your display against dead pixels by displaying animations. Usually, these aim to please the end users by also providing them with pleasant animations, if they ever need to decorate their workspace. Enjoy new free clock screensaver! You will find great nature scenery with realistic animated water effects. Nature sounds are also included in this screensaver. Transparent animated analog clock is located at the center of the scene. Different settings and animated preview will surely impress you. Simply stated, you can protect your screen against dead pixels and personalize your workspace.

Portable Envelope Printer 2.0.1

Portable Envelope Printer is a quick and simple Envelope Printing software with built-in address book. Automatically print and save with one click or you can save multiple addresses without printing. Address book remains sorted at all times. Simple text file stores all data for easy import of large address databases. Automatic zipcode lookup of most cities and states. It's a a reliable tool that enables you to easily print envelopes, by creating multiple templates containing the destination and the sender address. Because this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it, hence no changes are made to your PC.

TaskSchedulerView 1.25

TaskSchedulerView makes retrieving system details easy by displaying a list of all tasks from the Windows Task Scheduler in one easy to read table. TaskSchedulerView also gives you control over the disabling/enabling of multiple tasks at once. TaskSchedulerView will also list those tasks conveniently by name, description, status, whether or not it is hidden, last/next run times, the number of missed runs and much more. This tool works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows Vista and up to Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported. Windows XP and older systems are not supported.

Portable Song Length Finder 1.0

Portable Song Length Finder is a quick and easy tool that lets you search your Music Collection for songs of a certain length. Maybe you have a music compilation CD that you have to fill the last 5 minutes of. Maybe there's a Movie scene that is exactly 2:17 long. Maybe you're a DJ who has to play a set that's 60 minutes long to the second and you have to calculate your set list carefully beforehand. Whatever the reason, searching through a massive collection of music is anything but fun, but the Song Length Finder makes it easy. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it therefore no changes are made to your PC.

A Ruler for Windows 3.3.3

A Ruler For Windows is a small on-screen gadget by Rob Latour which is as basic as a simple ruler. Select between a few different styles, this app can make small measurements. With it, you can flip the ruler horizontally or vertically and measure an exact amount, up to the pixel. The styles available are transparent, wooden and stainless steel. It also offers a number of keyboard shortcuts to save time. A Ruler For Windows is definitely one of the nicer ruler apps we've seen and it's useful for everybody with its option to switch between imperial and metric measurements. In other words, this is a handy, elegant and simple-to-use on-screen pixel ruler, intended for users who design websites.

Portable Restore Point Creator 6.1

Restore Point Creator is a simple program for the quick and easy creation and management of system restore points. No more drilling through multiple menus in Windows just to create a System Restore Point, now all you have to do is run this program, and that’s it. Just pin this program to the Taskbar and you have the ability to create quickly System Restore Points using one of the two pinned Tasks (“Create System Checkpoint” and “Create Custom Named”) that the program creates. It’s that simple. Create System Checkpoint – Creates a System Restore Point with the name of “System Checkpoint made by System Restore Point Creator.”No installation is required to use this tool.

NetSpot 2.0.1

NetSpot is a free WiFi analysis and troubleshooting app that can really help you assess and boost your wireless network at home or in the office. With NetSpot for Windows it's easy to scan all Wi-Fi networks in range and collect their detailed profiles. Every single specification of surrounding wireless networks gets on your screen in seconds after running NetSpot's Discover mode. With the Survey functionality one can quickly visualize any area and get an interactive heatmap of wireless signal level. You just need an area map, and a laptop or Windows-based tablet to build an expert-level visual Wi-Fi reports. These real-life heatmaps quickly locate dead zones and a lot more.

Portable PeaUtils 1.0

Portable PeaUtils is a suite of file management tools, from the authors of PeaZip that allows for secure deletion, hashing, file splitting/joining and more. The goal with this utility was to group various file management tools in a very simple GUI that will be easy-to-use for anyone. All the management options are contained within a drop down which includes byte to byte comparisons, secure deletion of free space/files, split/merge spanned volumes, hex previews for files, calculate file checksum/hash, including CRC32, CRC64, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA-3_256, and more. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

I'll Find Files for You 1.5.2

I'll Find Files for You will help you find files on your computer when you don't remember exactly where they were located. It will perform searches based on your answers to simple questions regarding the file for which you're looking. Alternatively, you can skip the basic questions and go straight to the "advanced mode." Key Features: Search for files by answering simple questions; Advanced search filters available; Fast searching of local drives; Search mapped network drives; Convenient "copy to desktop" and "open" buttons. In other words, this is a lightweight and very simple and use application that can help you swiftly find any and all files.

Portable Romeolight PNGmicro 2.1

Portable Romeolight PNGmicro is a tool to optimize PNG images and reduce file size. By optimizing the PNG file and reducing its size, the amount of traffic is reduced, and the amount of time that it takes to download decreases. This can contribute to improved user experience. is equipped with two optimization modes. The "Lossless compression mode" enables you to reduce the file size without any degradation of image file quality. The "Lossy compression mode" intentionally reduces the image quality to further reduce large file sizes. It is possible to use the options to adjust how much of the loss quality. No installation is required to use this tool.

International KeyBoard 2.8.0

International KeyBoard is a small-sized tool that enables you to type special European diacritics with your normal keyboard, by using specific rules. This utility is quite non-obtrusive, as it goes in the system tray from the first launch. It is possible to interact with it through a small-sized context menu, and clicking the systray icon will bring up the main window. In other words and simply stated, you can very easily add special characters without changing the keyboard language, as well as assign other symbols to the function keys using this application. Due to the nature of this tool, some Antivirus software may alert and detect it as a keylogger. Simply add an exception.

Capture, Crop & Stitch 0.0.1

A regular keyboard is sure to provide the basic comfort for computer management and navigation, and there’s even a button to capture the entire screen activity as a picture. Chances are you want the whole screenshot operation to go smooth, and for this to be possible, it’s a good idea to rely on applications like Capture, Crop & Stitch. Capture, Crop & Stitch is a compact tool that lets you capture images and edit them by flipping or cropping. You can also rotate the images and combine several files.You can use the program as a basic image processing that allows you to select a part of the image and crop the selection.

Ericsson Desktop 1.5.0

Ericsson Desktop provides you with an intuitive tool designed to help Sony Ericsson mobile phone owners manage their handheld device using the computer. You can use it to edit contacts, send and receive SMS messages, viewing stored pictures and browsing the phone contents. Ericsson Desktop it is the complex utility for work with SonyEricsson phones Editing of contacts, sending and reception of SMS, T68i and T300 theme creation and editing, adjustment of parameters of the phone, phone book manager Network monitor, secrets etc. In other words, this is an efficient and reliable tool that you can use to access your Sony Ericsson phone and manage its contents from your computer.