RanSim 1.0.3

Ransomware Simulator "RanSim" is a vulnerability testing tool that will simulate the behavior of multiple types of ransomware to safety check your machine for weaknesses. The goal of RanSim is to evaluate if your machine is well-protected with endpoint security software which should be able to detect and then prevent an attack of a real strain of ransomware thus providing a safe way to test against ransomware attacks without jeopardizing any real data. It doesn't alter any of you files but will enumerate all the files on local disks. As part of the test, files that would characteristically be encrypted are simulated files that are downloaded from the internet.

Being ahead of the curve with security measures is not an easy thing to do, what with ransomware's behavior progressively evolving and becoming more aggressive.

And while there are ways to prevent being hit by such problems, if you want to rest assured that your data is not subject to unwanted interference, you may want to test your computer’s status from time to time, and this is exactly what a tool such as RanSim is designed to do.

Following a smooth installation process, the program prompts you with a list of 10 ransomware infections your PC may be tainted by. Among them, you will find the following: InsideCryptor, LockyVariant, Mover, Replacer, Streamer, StrongCryptor, StrongCryptorFast, StrongCryptorNet, ThorVariant, and WeakCryptor.

In order to make a simulation of ransomware infection, all you need to do is ensure your antivirus is working within normal parameters, then click the “Check now” button.

This is where the scanning process comes into play, with the ten scenarios being simulated on your machine at the same time. During our tests, this did not last more than a couple of seconds, but you should be aware the necessary time depends on your PC configuration.

Once the results are displayed, you can analyze how your computer would handle such infections and how many vulnerabilities could be spotted by an attacker.

While the general vulnerability levels are shown in the top left corner, a pie chart indicates the number and type of files that could be hit by such issues.

On an ending note, RanSim is an easy-to-use tool designed to reveal the vulnerabilities of your computer under circumstances created by malicious presences.

The program is capable of simulating, in a safe environment, 10 different attacks, with the results helping you analyze and prevent such problems.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 8.35MB

SHA256: bf967acf61c2e5863f80a8b411d8e5be6ac437a7bf45618c17d46af06367a247

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