MyDefragGUI 2.1.0

MyDefragGUI is software for analyzing the state of the hard disk defragmentation. It allows you to perform several independent or combined operations - disk analysis; analysis and defragmentation; defragmentation and optimization. At the same time it offers a simple way to sort the files by name, size, date of last access, last modification date or creation date. It can work with individual partitions or entire disk. All these operations can be performed once or repeatedly. In case of repetition of the process of defragmentation and disk optimization it is necessary to set up a plan that requires you to set the interval of a specific time and day of the week.

From having your applications run faster and more efficiently and reducing the errors encountered to extending the hard drives’ lifespan and benefiting from more proficient security, there are many advantages you stand to reap from defragmenting your hard drives on a regular basis.

MyDefragGUI is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you analyze the status of your HDD and defragment and optimize it accordingly.

The installation is a quick and straightforward operation that does not take too long and does not require any special attention from your part. Upon launch, you come face to face with a fresh and clean GUI is that intuitive and hence, unlikely to give you any troubles.

The interface is comprised of four tabs, namely Main, Advance, Task-Manager and Screensaver. As you probably hinted, you can configure the functions and action to be performed from the Main tab, whereas the Advanced tab enables you to specify the target folders that you employ rather frequently.

Functionality-wise, the application is as easy to use as it looks. In fact, the tool displays a window while analyzing, optimizing or defragmenting the hard disk along with a legend panel so that you can get an overall idea about the health of your drives.

In case you want to learn more details about the clusters analyzed and occupied, then you can access the corresponding function from the View tab.

It is worth mentioning that the utility comes with a convenient scheduler that allows you to configure the app to perform analyses or optimization functions at regular intervals.

Therefore, you can seamlessly set the program and remove the HDD maintenance tasks from your to-do list, for instance.

In the eventuality that you notice your computer is rather sluggish lately, you are getting errors rather frequently and opening installed apps is a long operation, then perhaps MyDefragGUI could come in handy.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.08MB

SHA256: d882037966a474b11baeafb474f10083be3a52d914aa944c8445a59c22567001

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