Network Database Scanner 3.0

Network Database Scanner is the free software to remotely scan and detect the presence of Database services in the network. You can either scan single system or range of systems on your local network or internet at a time. This version supports following popular Database types, * MySQL * MSSQL * Oracle * DB2 * PostgreSQL It uses timer based Host Connect technique which makes the scanning faster than normal approach. After the successful scan, it performs fingerprint verification for few Databases. In case of MySQL, it also detects the current database version. 'Network Database Scanner' works perfectly on 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems and supports all Windows.

SQL databases are capable of storing massive amounts of information into well-organized tables that can be easily queried and searched for the required data.

They can also be shared over the internet, or used on a local area network between the computers of a small company.

Network Database Scanner is an application that enables you to detect any database that is connected to the local network, by scanning a custom range of IP addresses and known ports for any activity.

The tool is able to differentiate between a multitude of database types, including PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle, as well as their usual connection ports.

Beside scanning the entire network, the application also enables you to scan a single host computer, by entering its unique IP address. This can be useful if you are using two or more PCs in your home and you are trying to check its database connectivity.

Once you start the scan process, Network Database Scanner displays the results for every scanned host address, including port, database type and connection status. Here you can keep an eye on any port activity and check whether the server is down due to a malfunction.

At the end of the scan process, you have the option to save the results for future reference and bug fixing by generating extensive reports about the conducted activity. These reports can be saved as formatted HTML or XML documents, or as plain text files like CSV and TXT.

Network Database Scanner is an utility that can help you detect databases connected to your local area network, as well as check their port connectivity.

Thanks to the wide range of support, including MySQL and PostgreSQL, as well as the built-in HTML report generator, the application is a good choice for anyone interested in database scanning.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.95MB

SHA256: 3dd1ef2d3f145a16ac506472341677535f68fc653f6ce7fc63a7a4123bf64dd8

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