Torxy 1.0.8

Torxy can help increase your Internet anonymity and bypass firewall and location based restrictions, by routing Internet traffic through Tor. Torxy works with any TCP-based application, including popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The system-wide method enables Tor on your entire computer, filtering your network connection through a local virtual private network. Main features: Use Tor with any program even if it does not support proxies. Create application shortcuts for easy access. Simultaneously run torified and normal applications. Use the Tor network system wide. Domain block list including Microsoft tracking and telemetry domains.

Surfing the Internet anonymously is important if users wish to achieve an increased privacy protection and avoid unwanted tracking.

Torxy was created to offer people an easy way of enabling the famous Tor network for their Internet browsers. By “torifying” their browsers, users will be able to achieve the preferred anonymity and surf the Internet in a stealthier way.

Torxy presents users with a clean interface that comes packed with an uncluttered layout and accessible on-screen commands. Upon the first initialization, people will be able to preview their available browsers and select the one onto which the Tor network is to be deployed.

The large, legible buttons facilitate the operation and one will be able to torify the preferred browser in just a few mouse clicks. However, users must be aware that the actual torifycation process might take a while and therefore patience could be required.

People will be able to either select individual Internet browsers to be “torified” or enable the protocol in a system-wide state. Again, one must be prepared with some patience, as enabling the protocol for the whole system might take quite a considerable time.

The application can also be initialized from the tray area icon, where one will find a quick-access command for switching between individual applications or system-wide Tor protocol. When going past its bothersome activation time, the utility does an excellent job at setting up a virtual network and this was verified by our tests.

Torxy could be an ideal choice for users who require a straightforward tool that can help them enable the Tor protocol on their machines and surf the Internet stealthy.

It will offer them an accessible package that doesn’t require any particular configuration and will be easy-to-use even for inexperienced people.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 5.01MB

SHA256: 4ebce27ad18c40ee1a8f7df871bbe8d17e0ab8a77ab1282901c4fe9500a6fa59

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