ScreenWings 1.1.1

ScreenWings is a simple one-button application that prevents any software from capturing your screen. Just like keyloggers, malicious screen capture software can be used to spy on your desktop activity or steal information from open documents. If you are concerned about this type of privacy breach, you can use ScreenWings and prevent any software from capturing your desktop - all they'll get is a black screen. To start blocking, simply click the button and click it again to unblock. Keep in mind that any legitimate screen capture tools like PrintScreen and the Snipping tool will also be blocked while ScreenWings is activated.

The majority of applications that are categorized as keyloggers are not limited to just recording keystrokes but have multiple activity monitoring features, including snapshot, taking.

Protecting yourself against unauthorized monitoring is not an easy task. One of the tools that can be of help in this endeavor is ScreenWings.

ScreenWings is nothing more than a utility designed to automatically block screen capturing attempts, no matter the application that is used to take the screenshot. To put it another way, it prevents any desktop capturing software program from doing its job.

With a minimalistic interface and no settings or options on the line, ScreenWings is very easy to use. It only requires you to start it, choose the screen to block, and keep it running. It can also be sent to the system tray if you consider that the small window interferes with your work.

The number of screens that are connected to your computer is automatically detected by ScreenWings and, for each of them, a small monitor symbol is available within the main window.

Identifying the monitors is possible: just like you would when trying to modify the display settings, clicking on one of the symbols highlights the corresponding monitor by showing the ScreenWings symbol on it.

To block a monitor, you simply have to click on the corresponding monitor icon until it turns dark, thus replacing the Windows symbol.

At this point, any desktop capturing applications that tries to capture the screen will instead reveal a pitch black rectangle.

ScreenWings does it job as promised, placing a dark rectangle over any screenshot any graphic capturing application takes.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 461KB

SHA256: a20efba07cfdf41e1e554989de413195c70a1cad9163421c2c49a06e18a1f741

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