Portable MassCert 1.4.0

MassCert is a free portable program for Windows that enables developers and companies to add digital signatures to files using a simple graphical user interface. While it is not necessary to sign Windows programs using a digital certificate, doing so verifies their authenticity and integrity. For developers, it may reduce the number of false positives that security programs and checks throw when the program is run or downloaded. Users who run the program benefit from the signing as well as they may receive no or fewer warnings when they download or run the program. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is require to use it.

Portable MassCert is an intuitive and easy to use tool intended to assist developers in applying digital certifications to their programs.

The resource is, essentially, useful for programmers and developers since it allows them to verify that digital content has not been modified.

Anyone in the business of application certification will also benefit greatly from the batch-processing capabilities of this tool.

Portable MassCert sports a very easy-to-use GUI that relies almost solely on buttons. The program is streamlined for fast file-processing and, as such.

Essentially, there are no menus, tabs or settings to adjust. This is a very nice feature since it allows users to focus strictly on the certification process!

For the program to run, one needs to have the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) installed. The is required because the application relies on the “SignTool” component in order to create digital 'marks'.

The other notable requirement is the actual certificate. Users should note that the application does not come equipped with any default digital signature, and these have to be obtained prior to running the tool.

Once these prerequisites are solved, the only required user-input is related to the actual files to receive certification.

This is where the real power of the tool is revealed, as it allows loading and processing multiple programs. Optionally, users can define a password, as well as enable timestamping (compliant with RFC 3161).

To sum up, Portable MassCert is a useful resource for developers that need to apply the same digital certificates to multiple applications.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 609KB

SHA256: 6cc853ff621085c8b70492faf9414791a62dd57c9a6972b5cf651caece0fa3ea

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