Mobile Data Monitoring Application 1.1.0

Mobile Data Monitoring Application is a very small but very useful utility for USB Modems. It is only 44 KB in size. Through this application you can check your available Data, Balance and Activate/Deactivate your services also. This tool is great for those who don’t want to use traditional dashboard of his modem. You can check your Negotiated QoS given by your operator as per your data plan. You can see live traffic of data uses. You can connect to internet through this software also. You can see the device info by clicking on "Device Info" button.  You can choose your connection type like 3G only, GPRS / EDGE Preferred, 3G Preferred, GPRS / EDGE Only, 3G Only.

As the name implies, Mobile Data Monitoring Application provides you with an intuitive tool that you can use to monitor the usage, performance and functioning parameters of your mobile data devices. The program can help you keep an eye on the transferred data amounts and view the signal strength.

All the read parameters are comprised in a single window, which makes the interface seem a bit crowded. Nevertheless, once you understand their significance, having all the values at hand in the same window is actually better.

The connected device is automatically detected, yet you have to make sure that no other opened application uses the same communication port. Mobile Data Monitoring Application displays details about the received signal strength (RSSI).

It also detects the mobile country and network codes (MCC and MNC). Also, you can view the operator name, yet this information might not be available for some devices and SIM card types.

The program can read data regarding the radio access technology (e.g. GPRS, EDGE, 3G etc.) and even data transmitted by the closest cellular tower, such as the location area code (LAC), the “Radio Network Controller Identifier” (RNC ID), the cell ID, registration and roaming information.

For Huawei devices, Mobile Data Monitoring Application can also display information about the transmitted and received data, allowing you to keep an eye on the bandwidth usage.

The data counters can be reset with a single button's click, which comes in handy for getting a new data bundle from the mobile operator. The current upload and download speeds are also displayed, together with the highest recorded peak, a 10 seconds average and the negotiated QoS included in your data plan.

The program enables you to switch the connection type (GPRS, EDGE), provided you have signal coverage and set the default APN. Additionally, you can write USSD commands and transmit them to the device or receive cellular broadcast messages.

To conclude, Mobile Data Monitoring Application displays information about the specifications and the signal strength of your mobile device and transferred data, enabling you to log the information and change the connection type according to your needs.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 54.1KB

SHA256: 9691d37cbbcfb3d5843b31c90e8b3123aeb8aa6c267275aed8870bf808379bbb

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