SSLCop 1.0

Digital Certificates allow computers, devices, users and other sites to verify the credentials of websites. Since there is always a chance SSL certificates can be compromised you can rely on SSLCop to disable all Certificate Authorities you don’t need and as a result, strengthen the security of your system. The portable tool displays a list of countries you can block Certificate Authorities from, each country having its flag displayed next to it. Simply select one or more countries for which you want to block CAs from, and press the Block option. With SSLCop you can reduce the chances of a malware infection, successful phishing attempts and other security issues.

Certificate Authorities or Digital Certificates are small data files that feature website credentials that enable users, computers, devices and other sites to verify and confirm their identity.

Since nothing is completely safe when it comes to the online environment, the recent incidents have shown that SSL certificates can also be compromised.

SSLCop is a tiny piece of software that enables you to disable certificates that you do not really need and hence, reduce the chances of malware infections or other security-related issues.

Since it is a portable application, the setup entails a simple matter of decompressing the archive to the desired location on your hard disk. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a rugged, yet pretty clear and intuitive interface that features a list of the countries that you can block CAs from.

The list of location that you can block certificates is also displayed with the flag, an option that can help you identify a shady geographic area slightly faster. Once you select the countries you want to prohibit the CAs from, you can hit Block and you are done.

The idea behind the program is to diminish the chances of malware infection, phishing and other nightmarish scenarios by providing you with a simple solution to avoid compromised certificate authorities.

A healthy principle would be that you should trust only a few certificates that are well-known in your country or issued by reputable authorities.

On a side note, while you can block certificate authorities from over 45 locations, it would have been nice if the application enabled you to undo the action. This feature would be particularly handy for users who are traveling.

In case you put a lot of value on safely browsing the Internet and want to avoid entirely unpleasant situations in which a hacker gets access to your bank accounts, emails or other encrypted connection you are using, then SSLCop can help you disable the CA from areas you do not really need.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.79MB

SHA256: b7eb99a665f7dabaf7295e4c79448e7f07ee62536b78791fb440edaf9bc59798

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