SK Image Compression Tool 2.6

SK Image Compression Tool is a portable tool that allows you to compress High resolution and large file sized images without losing resolution and significant quality. The program supports batch processing and uses multi threading to process the images very quickly and efficiently. Modern Phones and cameras save images with very large file size. They do not compress those images in order to save time. SK Image Compression Tool can compress those images into small size, maintaining the same quality and resolutions. The application also offers image resizing capability that's done with incredible ease.

Due to their large size, photos captured with modern cameras can be rather difficult to store and share, and image compression programs are often not particularly easy to use, especially for novices.

SK Image Compression Tool is a lightweight, intuitive application that enables you to convert pictures to JPG or PNG, as well as compress and resize them. It is novice-friendly and fully portable, but it could be improved in certain respects.

The application is primarily designed to help you convert, compress and resize large numbers of files. When importing images, you can either select them one by one or load an entire directory at once, as well as specify whether subfolders should be included.

After defining the processing parameters, you need only set the output path, and the program can even retain the original folder structure.

The use of multi-threading ensures the operation is completed very quickly, and an error log is displayed at the end if any issues are encountered.

Despite what its name suggests, SK Image Compression Tool can also function as a simple resizing and conversion utility, as you can export your files to PNG without compressing them.

Unfortunately, though, it is not possible to import files using drag and drop actions, and no filters can be set up when adding all the images from a particular folder. The tool supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF files, but you cannot exclude specific formats when loading pictures.

SK Image Compression Tool does not need to be installed before use, and it does not store any additional data in your user folder or Windows registry.

As long as your machine meets the software requirements, you can run the application from a portable storage device at any time without having to go through a lengthy installation procedure.

All in all, this is a straightforward utility that can help you compress, convert and resize your images so as to make them easier to store or share.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 77.2KB

SHA256: e6d7ec04fbfb28f6fb824dc33e276213bd810aa6a714262357e4a29091f03a5d

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