SaBackup 0.9.6

SaBackup is an application that is able to back your files up onto an external hard drive and/or a network shared folder, comes with a customizable exclusion list, and even allows you to backup files while they’re in use! It’s an absolutely must have tool for anyone that wants to ensure all of their information stays safe regardless of what happens to their PC. If you’ve been searching for a tool that’s going to allow you to perform incremental backups of the various files and folders on your computer, you can stop your search right here because you’ve managed to find that and so much more with SaBackup.

SaBackup is a reliable application that allows you to perform incremental backups for important data. It allows you to create several profiles, which include the folders you wish to backup as well as certain filters and rules to be applied.

The tool uses the Robocopy technology and the Volume Shadow Copy Service for performing backups. SaBackup allows you to set multiple profiles at once and save them in the backup list.

You need to select the folder you wish to backup, as well as certain rules that you want to apply during the process. For instance, you can enable the usage of shadow copies, an option that allows you to backup files that are currently in use.

The Advanced features window allows you to manage several file attributes: Read-only, Archive, System, Hidden, Offline, Compressed, Not Indexed, Temporary and Encrypted.

Your backup may include or exclude only files that feature the selected attributes set. Moreover, you may check the options that you wish to add or to remove from the files in the backup.

The Advanced features window in SaBackup also enables you to create filters designed to include only the selected file types, or to exclude them from the list. You may specify the file extensions that you wish to add to each filter.

You may also select a particular set of files based on their size, date of creation or path. Moreover, you can add NTFS security, ownership or auditing files to the list of backup.

SaBackup allows you to save the file duplicated to an external hard disk or a network location. You can select a server, an FTP location or any other option that meets your requirements.

The tool can save the list of source folders and perform an incremental backup on demand. It can also be set to run programs/scripts before, during or after the backup is finished.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.08MB

SHA256: 9f0ec20a72c5252e113a90fe3bca3e73b07c4233627983db43e1d7d7f25e424a

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