Pigeonhole Portable Organizer 1.3.0

Ever wished you could just type stuff and find it again without having to save it and then remember what you called the file and which folder you put it in? Well now you can with Pigeonhole. Pigeonhole shows you a grid of pigeonholes similar to a spread sheet. Click on a pigeonhole and type in whatever you want - it is saved automatically. When you want to recall the information, just move the mouse over the grid. Whatever you typed into the pigeonhole the mouse is over appears automatically in the viewer window. There are 175 pigeonholes displayed at any one time so you can view up to 175 different pieces of information just by moving the mouse over the grid.

Nowadays, there is absolutely no shortage of applications for data organization, both for our mobile devices and our PCs. While most of them have stylish interface, cloud storage support and offer relevant sharing options, quickly toggling from one note to another might prove to be a somewhat sluggish process.

This is exactly where Pigeonhole Portable Organizer shines, with a simplistic and oldschool interface, minimalist set of features and an extremely light thirst for resource consumption.

In just a few words Pigeonhole Portable Organizer allows you to organize information in a very intuitive way, with the help of its 175 "pigeonholes" grouped in 5 columns and with a spreadsheet-like layout.

Evidently, the main advantage, besides the basic features it provides you with, of this particular portable version of Pigeonhole is the fact that you can take it allows you to take your notes and memos with you on any portable storage device.

Considering its simple looks, it's no surprise that the workflow is as straightforward as they come. Simply click on a pigeonhole and type-in the information using the built-in editor.

For your convenience, the text editor allows you to quickly convert the text to upper, lower proper or sentence case, remove blank lines and duplicate spaces, as well as add HTML tags, just to name a few.

For a better overall organization, add a relevant caption and choose one of the few available colors. Once the information is added, you can quickly preview it by hovering with the mouse cursor above the designated pigeonhole.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the app provides you with 20 groups for organizing your data. Furthermore, from the View menu, you can enable Internet bookmarks, dial and email buttons, which will also appear upon hovering over the active pigeonholes.

Of course, you can rename each group, alphabetically sort them, change the font, as well as backup and restore your data from the Tools menu.

Be that as it may, despite its simplistic looks, this app can help you group data in a straightforward matter and it offers one of the quickest ways to view it thanks to an efficient preview function.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.23MB

SHA256: db89f37f2062faef226b3b05a55f53cf962cfa1b5634c0f1cda38f37e83b7084

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