System Crash Monitor 1.16

System Crash Monitor can help turn frustration into amusement. The program has absolutely no other functionality except some fake features intended to simulate some control over your system. If Windows keeps crashing and throwing errors, you might as well have some fun. In the application’s interface you can enable some Windows problems, crash frequency and add specific programs that you want to crash. Of course, this has absolutely no effect. But as you select to enable exactly the problems that you already have, it might give you the illusion that you’re actually controlling your system’s behavior. It's simply a fun tool that provides entertainment.

Computer applications come in various types, size and requirement specifications, as well as targeted domains of activity.

Leisure is an area of expertise with an abundance of choices, ranging from multimedia players to video games. However, there are also pranks you can play on your friends, with a suitable example being System Crash Monitor.

Don't be fooled by the name, because this is not how you should fall for the application's tricks. A neat advantage is that you can take the application everywhere you go, since it does not need to be installed in order to properly function.

The main window is all there is to it, with a compact space being home to several sliders, buttons and choices in an attempt to laugh harder in the end. You can also pay a visit to the help manual for a short briefing that only takes a few seconds to go through.

You get to handle two major components, with little to no customization options. Using a slider, you can set the frequency at which specified crashes occur, with options such as sudden system freezes, blue screen crashes, abrupt system restarting, or random program crashes.

In addition, you can select a fair number of applications for which to mimic crashes, with the possibility to add your own entries, remove existing ones or restore the application's default settings.

Moreover, there are several utilities you can instantly launch. These display a message in an attempt to trick the reader into thinking that the computer is undergoing some serious malfunctions, like explode CPU, blow up monitor, expel mysterious odour or wipe hard drive.

The funny part, which most likely lasts a few seconds, is when you find out that nothing, absolutely nothing works.

Ironically enough, the application is a prank software which actually tricks you into believing you can fool someone, but the only one falling for the joke being yourself, because nothing works.

All things considered, it can safely be said without fooling anyone, that System Crash Monitor is a harmless piece of software designed with a vague purpose in mind.

At a first look, you can already picture the face of your friend when seeing the available options, but it all quickly wears off when you realize the only one falling for a prank is yourself.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.56MB

SHA256: f9264b9828829e14a0c9ac4216de8c87c02226c3ef4e2c2f28984bf2014a1041

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