SynWrite 6.28

SynWrite is an open source editor project that helps you edit the source codes like HTML, C, C++, Java etc. It’s a very good replacement for your Notepad. It’s more like an alternative for Notepad++ which most of us are familiar with. SynWrite is a programmer's text editor features syntax highlighting, code folding, tree structure, multiple encoding support, auto-completion, tabs support, quick search, and fully customizable texter. It has support for external tools, capture of console output, and errors navigation.It has a lot of features as compared to Notepad++ offers as well. The tool is pretty easy to use and comes with a lot of features.

Writing programs is a highly complicated process for most people and even to those who make a living out of it. SynWrite is a small-sized tool with an abundance of features that was designed in the hopes of easing the job for everyone involved.

The program has a clean interface that's enjoyable to work with. This shouldn't trick you, though, since SynWrite comprises numerous options and configuration parameters, mostly geared toward already experienced users.

Nevertheless, beginners shouldn't be discouraged, as long as they take their time to explore and learn everything about this app.

There are several features included in this program that are sure to make the life easier for those that are involved in creating apps. For instance, the program’s source codes appear in a tree-like structure, which means that you can easily access the areas that are most important, such as the header and body areas of the text.

It's also possible to highlight areas of the text so they can be more visible and thus, easy to spot when they need to be edited.

The program also supports code folding, which allows you to selectively hide and display sections of the file as a part of routine editing operations. Thus, you can view only the sections of the text that are relevant at a given time.

SynWrite comes with an extensive search tool that enables users to find certain regions of the text with great ease. The queries can be case sensitive, include special characters or regular expressions.

The bottom line is that SynWrite is a powerful program with a surprising amount of options included. It's definitely worth giving a shot if you're serious about HTML code editing.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Author: Website
Size: 10.5MB

SHA256: 298651ee068059fa98be973528f3bb466b5b76d3a8fca12a22611cbdb65ca401

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