Portable Automatic Screenshotter 1.03

Portable Automatic Screenshotter is a screen capture utility for taking screenshots at regular intervals. The tool runs in your system tray and takes regular screenshots of your desktop or the active window every few minutes. You can customize the capture interval and also create application rules that let you skip captures when certain applications are open or only capture screenshots of specific applications. In addition, you can set capture rules that automatically suspend captures if your computer is idle, if you are playing a full-screen game or if your screensaver is running. Other features include customizable capture intervals and file name options and more.

More often than not, if you experienced a system or program crash, then one way to find out what happened entails accessing the event log file. However, sometimes the operating system does not create a log or report when an app stops working or disappears.

Portable Automatic Screenshotter is a lightweight application designed to operate in the background and take snapshots of the desktop or predefined active windows at regular intervals set by you.

Since this is a portable application, it goes without saying that it comes with all the benefits of a program in this category, meaning that the installation is a simple matter of extracting the archive. Once decompressed and launched, you can access the app from the System Tray.

In order to enjoy the full potential of the application it is recommended to take the time and go through the settings and specify how much memory it is allowed to use, what windows and how often it should capture them, the output format and the location where you can find them on your local drives, to name a few.

As the name suggests, the app takes automatic snapshots of your desktop or active windows. However, these are not taken randomly, but rather at the precise intervals and for the exact foreground windows you specify.

Depending on the type of behavior you are monitoring, you can set the utility to take screenshots once every 5 seconds or once per hour.

In addition, the Perform a capture now function enables you to take a quick snapshot of a popup or error window you are trying to figure out.

The tool stores the pictures in PNG and JPG formats on the desired location on your computer. Moreover, it can be set to delete old and redundant screenshots, a feature that can save you space and time in the long run.

If you are monitoring certain apps or suspect malicious behavior, then browsing through the screenshots taken by Portable Automatic Screenshotter automatically can help you confirm or infirm your thoughts.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 5.48MB

SHA256: cf48986cc5772091653d41b57d73af0e1ecf8959c95746026c5b1ae9d7182ffe

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