Clickjacking Detector 1.0.0

Clickjacking is a malicious technique designed to trick users into clicking on a hidden link when browsing a website, potentially revealing private information, generating revenue for others without their knowledge and even enabling a connected webcam or microphone. Clickjacking Detector is a very simple application that allows you to test certain website and determine if it is vulnerable to this technique. It can be helpful for web developers or security researchers, and it is relatively easy to use. This tool allows you to perform a test to determine whether or not a web page is vulnerable to clickjacking, and is extremely this easy-to-use.

The application sends an HTTP request to a certain address using a method specified by the user, such as GET, POST, PUT or TRACE. It then checks the X-Frame-Options response header and displays its value, thus determining if the web page is vulnerable.

When selecting the method, you can either input the required term manually or click the “S” button and choose the right one from a drop-down list.

Given that Clickjacking Detector is designed to be used by web developers or security experts, the lack of local documentation is not a big issue, although it certainly would have helped if it were included.

As far as the user interface is concerned, things could be better. The application has a strange layout, and, on the whole, the UI seems to need quite a bit more polish.

It is not necessary to install Clickjacking Detector before you use it to test a web page, and the program does not store data outside its containing folder.

However, it is worth noting that .NET Framework needs to be available on the host computer for the application to function correctly.

All in all, Clickjacking Detector is a simple, no-nonsense utility that enables you to test various websites and determine whether or not they are vulnerable to clickjacking. It is relatively intuitive, and the user interface is very simplistic that makes it a pleasure to use.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: N/A
Size: 84.1KB

SHA256: fafe46245e687538267ce2ca5cfabb6232ae8a89e18edffaf39549d935a707ae

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