ShareByLink 0.4.0

ShareByLink is a useful file sharing tool that cuts out the tedious need for creating an account, for both sender and recipient, in order to share a file with friends, co-workers or someone that needs a large file from MajorGeeks. It streams the file from your computer and provides a sharing link instantly, making it possible to share big files without having to wait until they're uploaded. ShareByLink also provides experienced users with the option of using their own server for sharing as long as they have a web hosting account with PHP. This is a very easy to use tool that's suited to both professionals and novices alike.

Sharing a file with friends and colleagues does not necessarily have to be a difficult task, as it sometimes happens to be, due to the need to create accounts, remember credentials or ensure that both sender and recipient use the same software.

One quick and undemanding way of sending someone a file is to upload it from your PC straight to a server and send the corresponding link. You can do this with ShareByLink, as you only have to right-click the file to upload it, the URL being copied to your clipboard.

Usage-wise, the application is as simple as it implies, integrating into your Windows context menu for accessibility, yet also featuring a GUI to help you customize certain preferences.

The main window of ShareByLink lets you add and load files, so you do not have to go through complex routines to get the job done.

As previously stated, the program supports two different means of uploading files to the server, yet neither of them requires too much time or effort on your part.

As such, you can right-click one or several selected files, then select the ‘Share File(s) Online’ option. A popup window provides you with the result, as well as the corresponding download link.

The alternative consists of opening ShareByLink’s interface, where you can drag and drop the files you need to send into the main window, and then click on the ‘Upload & Make Link’ button. This results in the same popup window as in the case of the context menu option.

A series of ‘Expert Settings’ allows you to define the URL of the server you will be uploading to, the more IT advanced individuals being able to customize it, while from the ‘Configuration’ tab, other details can be specified., such as account credentials, if necessary.

Overall, ShareByLink proves to be an effective and useful software solution that you can resort to for quickly uploading and sending files to people.

It gets the job done effortlessly and without too much prior configuration, yet offers this possibility, for the more experienced.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 14.5MB

SHA256: 1c2bbee959d3e18f6baf5dd4f09b7ea52393ab22470d777ab27b5e53cbfc6816

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